A visit to Mercedes Benz , Stuttgart

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Recently I visited the Mercedes Benz factory at Poplingen near Stuttgart, Germany. Visitors have to book their visits in advance and are professionally shown around the Merc plant by a bus with audio commentary in 3 to 4 European languages. It was a dream come true for me and the check in time given was 1 pm. I stayed near Frankfurt and reached  Poplingen via Stuttgart( their corporate hqs). Took a merc E220 taxi from the rly station to the Merc plant.


The goods train line passes from very near the plant and a train was loaded with factory fresh Mercs. The lobby for check -in has a museum with a six door Merc (open top) that was a VVIP car perhaps. Then by its side is parked an Edwardian 1899 Daimler car. A Merc C Class is displayed with its engine and interiors on a display mode. There is a cafeteria and a memorabilia shop where one can shop for Merc accessories. Brochures of most of the current models (with exotic Merc photos each 25-30 pages) are availaible for free. I took nearly 16 with me. there is a mini auditorium where they show a film depicting Merc's history and how Merc has grown . After the film viewing the visitors are taken by  the bus to the plant and right ( Only C Class  manufcature is shown)from the sheet metal to the casting to the fabrication (mostly robotised), painting, drying of the bodyshell, fitting the mechanicals and electricals , wheels, the upholstery, glasses- the rear and front wind shields are fitted by robots.Photography is only allowed in the museum and not thereafter- no photographs of the plant area allowed. Then the finals comprise the new born car running on the Co's test tracks and certification. The Merc is ready. And it was a surprise to see left and right hand drive models on the same assembly line . Was a splendid experience. they took care of each and every visitor and did their best to satisfy every query.
FuelRunGod2007-11-11 17:27:28

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friends, I did'nt carry the camera as I was told on the phone that photography is banned in the plant area. But in the museum area it was actually  allowed. I missed taking pictures of the 1899 car, the Merc 600SL (six door landaulette, Pullman edition) and the dissected C class. However the brochures are with me. Let me see if I can put some pics from there online!!

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Thanks Crazy cat,bluesapphire and vijay, it was thrilling.I had an analog camera but did'nt carry it as I was told about photography not being allowed, while confirming my check-in time. Really missed the photography part.

Here are some images from the Sindelfingen Plant, Poplingen



The map of the plant

The Die G-Klasse Von Mercedes Benz G300, G320 and G 500 (Turbo diesel)






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Great pics Anjan..Yes the A class was common in South Africa too..

The C class coupe doesnt looks that good to me but that 1955 Sl is just toooo good and i love those old MERCs..

You really had a great trip..I think i have to plan a trip to Germany for next time as there are many Automobile giants and i hope i could visit any one..


Anyways were there any cars(small or big) to drive..As Sometimes these companies also have some toy like car to drive both for almost all ages..
bluesapphire2008-12-29 05:55:57

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