ACI Forum Meet Mumbai on 24-10-2009


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Oh no am going to attend my sister's marriage on 24th at Ahmedabad. Cyrus please arrange after 18th of nov or in December, that would be best. I know i am asking for too much.

I think more member can come in December.

Anyways enjoy and click some pics. I would miss though but i think we can meet at Auto-Expo delhi or Autocar performance show also.bluesapphire2009-10-12 12:52:05

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The meet should be organized at National Level and at District level also.


Forum members should come from all states and ACI should be the organizer.


Would like to say that one of the forum did the Delhi meet and now they are organizing the same meet at national level in mumbai. I am not naming that forum as its bad to use the other forum name.  Even I am going there in Dec 19-20 to attend.


Even I posted the thread but did not get any good response.


Hope something is done in this regard
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Sports bar ? team-bhp meets on road. they go racing to pune. lonavla... here to have party or show your engines..

 Nicky surabjees blog  is average.


May I ask you to please introduce yourself in the Intro sections.


If a T-Bhp meet decides to throw their cars in a ditch, should everybody follow!



BTW, a meet in Bombay robs the members from rest of India of the pleasure!


BornFree2009-10-15 13:12:31
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I second your BF. These days there are many people who either praises the other forums or use this forum as a ladder to reach Tbhp, or follows them. I know the other one is a good and big forum but then you cant keep talking about it all the time. Many people join this forum as they did not got any response there and thus keep talking about them. Its high time i think and we should stop all this. If you like it, go there and satisfy your hunger but dont compare or tell everyone to follow them.

Do you get the 1st drive report of each and every car there, i guess no.

Are the mods friendly as ACi, i guess no.

So every thing has its positives and negatives and we should understand them. Our forum is still growing and i think its doing pretty well. Let it grow and see who compares with whom's forum.bluesapphire2009-10-15 13:29:08

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looking foward to it... i would prefer to have drag meets... lol

anyway whats the average age in here ? am 19... how old is everyone...
Will be completing 21 this november.

I would love to come for any kind of meet but only after 17th november, anyday anytime after that. If possible ask all members and plan as per majority.

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