Anand Sivaraj

Best Petrol Car under 6 lakhs??

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hi friends i just finished my engineering..

As my father has planned to get a car for our family(4 members) i need your suggestions guys..

cant able to come to a decision.. monthly 500- 700km will be the usage..

since its going to be our first car i need to analyse it well.. can wait till next yr since so many cars are to be launched and also maruti is going to change all its engine to BS4

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There are many  cars in your price range. You have not said your preference either hatch back ot sedan. I feel Swift, Swift dzire, i10,i120 can be a good choice.


@cartoos - Friend do you have 1.4L petrol of linea. Hows the performance of the car boss? 

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Polo will be worth the wait. Heard its AfSS is going to be handled by Maruti' date=' so no worry on that front too.[/quote']

?? A VW being serviced by Maruti?? Have you got the fact's right, Bala?

BTW, Anand, consider a i10 Asta/i201.2 Asta. depending on the amount of space you need.
Durango Dude2009-10-13 18:50:47

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