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      I am seriously planning to travel around India in my Bajaj Pulsar and so can anyone please advice me on which company bike jackets, Glows, knee gaurd etc to purchase. I have two indian companies namely DSG and Cramster. Which among these two have the best all round all weather and great looking and practical jackets and glows available in the market and the price they are available for....Hopeing for someone with great touring background and an expert in this department can answer to my doubts.

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@bluescorpwin:  Here's my bit on your query

In terms of Jacket -  DSG  is the best bet by far in terms of armour for elbows & shoulders, cost Rs 5250/-. On the other side Cramster is better in terms of build quality but does not have good armour support when compared to DSG. I have a DSG Nero Jacket (Red).


In terms of Gloves - Cramster has better gloves and you can try DSG as well. I have a Cramster Twist Gloves (Full Gauntlet), cost Rs 1400/-.


Interms of Knee guard - Cramster is value for money and provides good knee support costs Rs 1500 - 1800 /- i don't think DSG has but they market Alpinestars which are way too expensive.


I also suggest you to go for a Back support as both DSG & Cramster Jackets do not have good back support. You can go in for Cramster back support which costs around Rs 1500 /-


You can also visit these websites:

Cramster -


Hope this helps. Best of luck!
rugs_tachy2009-10-14 07:57:35

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