Exclusive: Tata Indigo Manza Test Drive Report

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@SwiftVxi, soon i hoping you will post the back to back comparo and your personal opinions on Dzire, Ikon TDCi and Manza since you own all these. I waiting for it bro... I found Manza's build and interior quality to be better than Dzire, what did you found, better or inferior since you have a good experience with Dzire and have seen Manza, can comment more.

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I had visisted the Concorde motors for the Test Drive of Manza Surprisingly they had both the Manza diesel as well as petrol. I test drove both  and was really impressed with the both the versions. Out of both i felt Diesel gave a refined and comfort ride. Petrol is also not bad.

The good things that i noticed was:-

**Looks like a upmarket sedan that too a mouth watering price

**Even the Aura version has got all the features except the ABS and Airbag

**Rear seat is extremely confortable

**Driver's seat is well place and steering handling position is perfect

**Braking was excellent. I drove a ABS equiped car.

**Diesel engine pick up and performance was good and was responsive. The turbo lag was good and was almost on par with dzire. But infact Dzire is even more a peppier car to drive.

**I think the fuel efficiently must be better than the Dzire and Linea Because of the taller gearing, Even though the Dzire weighs lesser than the manza the fuel efficiency of Dzire is a bit less than the Manza.Arai has certified 21.06kmpl for diesel Manza

**Rear view through the mirror from the dfriver's seat was far better than the dzire. Dzire rear view is horrible.

**I personally felt that the petrol was nosier than the diesel. I just raised the acceletor and checked and felt that the Diesel engine was very refined and quiet. And you really never feel that that you are driving a diesel car.

**Real VFM

** Acres of space inside the cabin and spacious boot.

** Rear is spacious enough even after draging the front seats to the last possible extent.

The things which i didnt like were:-

**The interiors were ok and not upto the mark.

**The Console was ok and not vey attractive.

**All the features are avaialble as far the interiors are concerned but the plastics used looks cheap. The steering mounted audio controls look same as that of Linea.

**The Tata people dont even have a colors shade card to see the colors, even though the same is available on the website of Tata its looks somewhat graphical.

**Rear could have been done better but not a big problem.

As far as A.S.S. is concerned i have no idea about Tata and have heard people saying its worst among the others.


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It looks like tata is playing a mischievous game. Here in Bangalore in Concorde motors hosur road the dealer first had a silver petrol and diesel for test drive. Now the test drive car is gold satin and earlier in the display there was a black car and now its monarch red. I think the earlier TD cars are registered to innocent customers.


Why isnt tata having a TD demo car labelled 'DEMO CAR' like that of Maruthi and Hyundai.


And customers who had booked the car at the time of launch and within a period of 1 week post launch have not got their cars delivered. But even now the Sales reps promise to deliver the car within a period of 3-4 weeks.The unexpected success and eagerness shown by the customers towards the Manza has made Tata Motors astonishing and there are unable to believe that their cars are also applealing to a different segment of customers rather than the tour opertors and commercial vehicle users.

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