A new entrant, now which Entry Level Sedan?

Which one of these will you prefer  

16 members have voted

  1. 1. Which one of these will you prefer

    • Tata Indigo Manza
    • Maruti Swift Dzire
    • Tata Indigo CS
    • Mahindra-Renault Logan
    • Ford Ikon
    • Hyundai Accent
    • Chevrolet Aveo

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Hi guys, after the launch of Indigo Manza which has set a new benchmark, i thought its right time to raise a poll and know what the members here thinks.

So what will you prefer in this segment, if you want to buy one?

Tata Indigo Manza

Launched yesterday only, a very competent car with good petrol and diesel engines. Has good interiors, features and good pricing too.




Maruti Swift Dzire

Segments best seller but looks bad and not a true sedan when space and comfort are concerned but then comes with Maruti reliability and trust, good price, features and a good diesel engine.





Tata Indigo CS

Worlds smallest sedan but still is good in terms of comfort, space and pricing. But has cheap interiors, niggling problems, unrefined crude diesel and crude ergonomics.





Mahindra-Renault Logan

Still most comfortable and spacious i suppose comes with good ride but poor plastics, poor ergonomics and still costly obviously with bland looks.




Ford Ikon

Old but still competent in terms of comfort, build and styling. Also looks good but who will trust Ford after their reputation of high maintenance and bad A.s.s.



Hyundai Accent

I still like this because though old doesnt looks like that both inside out and still in competent. One of the perfect sedan at this price, but still although good we all want something new all time.


Chevrolet Aveo

Although this one is not entry mid sizer but now its pricing is like that only, with best in class interiors, space, comfort, its hard to miss but it didnt got even decent response for its bland driving and different looks also for its initial high pricing and obviously lack of diesel.



So whats your choice.

I would vote for Manza even though i have not test driven it, am sure its better choice than available ones with everything in it at good price with good engine. This is an all new next generation TATA afterall.

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Sorry mods, i searched for it but didnt found anything like this, but saw now that CreativeBala have created like this some days back. So please merge or delete this.

I thought to create this only after Manza's launch but Bala created it before its launch. But no worries its my mistake.

My Apologies. smiley26.gif

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Whatever the Tatas launch their reliability is always a factor to look out for. The Manza may look good initially but you do not know what it would become some years down the line, recently Fiat had complained about why the interiors of their punto was so bad, they say its because the suppliers were Tata. so lets wait before we come to a conclusion based on the poll.

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Im torn between the Manza & Dzire. While I like Manza's exterior looks, interiors, space, comfort, I cannot overlook the fact that Maruti's are much more reliable & have  friendlier after sales.

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well tata manza looks really good and it has its heart from fiat.. that would be a noticeable point.. and tata's A.S.S and the reliability of tata cars???..

i like maruti dzire not for its looks but for its VFM..

though it has cramped rear seat maruti dzire is better..

well we will see how maruti reacts with the launch of tata manza..

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