What if Brand New Vehicle is run at higher RPMs?

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I request MODs to keep the Off-Topic part since it is intentionally posted.smiley1.gif

First some Off-Topic introduction (This might help to know the background of Vehicle Usage after Purchase)--

As my profile indicates, we are Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. Electrical Contractors. We undertake Erection-cum-Supply of MSEDCL Substations at various places. At most places, the substations are to be erected in rural areas and as such the roads are not suitable for Sedans. Our both Indigos' belly scrapped many times. So we need a MUV for "visiting/delivering some (Not Allsmiley36.gif) materials" at those Sites of MSEDCL Sub-Stations during the work is being carried.

First we thought of buying Bolero as our budget was around 6.5-7.0 lakhs. But later we changed our decision and now going for Xylo since we want to use that MUV for occassional Family Tours. (I know we have to increase our budget and we did the same.)


Now the On-Topic Part Follows--

We are planning to buy Mahindra Xylo E8-ABS within next 8-10 days.

We live in Solapur (Maharashtra). I have a doubt that if we buy the Xylo from Local Mahindra Dealer, would the MUV be brought to Solapur by driving or by Transport. If its brought by driving, would not the driver drive the car at more than recommended speed for first 1000kms (e.g 100-120kph) and frequent acceleration, gearshifts, and braking.smiley7.gif

Is it OK to drive in such rash manner in MODERN Engines?smiley5.gif

Or should we buy it from a Pune Dealer (I guess the Mahindra Plant is nearby Pune) since he must not have driven the car harshly?

After purchase, the car would be used as per Mahindra Recommended Speeds (if I use it for first 1000kms. Most Probably I would).


Please clear my doubts as soon as possible as we have to carry out the loan and other procedures.

And I hope the answer to this thread will help many Prospective Buyers of Brand New Modern Vehicles.

Experts, Please enlighten this thread with Valuable Information since this thread will help many other Readers (not alone me. Experts avoid answering my queries more often since I ask only for myself. So requesting them Politely, From Heart to answer this thread to benefit others too).



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       Please Delete this topic. Accidently I clicked two times on Submit Button. So te topic got posted twice.

Dont delete other topic. Instead delete this topic.


Sorry for Inconvenience.

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