Pajero ABS problem

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I had bought a Pajero in June 2009.

After the 1st servicing while coming to back, in the rainy days, the ABS light came on on the Belgaum road (Castle Rock). The roads were rough. I had justĀ  put it in 4WD (HLLc) mode from 4WD mode.

After calling the company, they said to restart the engine and the light went off.

Now this October while coming back from the same road, the problem reappeared after shifting the lever to 4WD(HLLc) mode from 4WD mode.

The car skid a little, about half a meter. There were no rains and the light appeared a little while after shifting the lever.

What could be the problem?

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This can happen to any car with ABS a slight skid under 6kmph speed is always present in ABS cars too if you need to eliminate this we have to use a combination of traction control and ESP.

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As far as I know, the ABS won't work in Hlc mode. And you shouldn't be driving a part time 4x4 always in 4WD all the time. You are bound to damage the drivetrain. A part time 4x4 is just that - part time.

In such vehicles, 4WD should only be used when grip is less, this allows for wheel slippage and relieves the stress on the driveline components.


FuelRunGod2009-11-12 18:57:12

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Is the Pajero a part time 4WD or a full time 4WD ?

@mariodcosta - Please go thru your owners manual very carefully before using 4WD on asphalt or any kind of surface which has decent traction.

@FRG, I think the Pajero might have full time 4WD - someone needs to check that.

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