Maintenance of apache engine

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Hey guys i recently brought my apache 160 with fuel injection. It is back from its first servicing after 500kms.I have a problem about how to give a long life to the engine. PLS help me out. It is mentioned in my owners manual  that if i use fuel additives, i will get good mileage along with good engine, but they have not mentioned which fuel additives, which brand and so on.

      PLS help me out as to what should i use for my apache 160 fi. also pls guide me out about good maintenance of this bike.

Waiting for reply. 

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You can use Iftex Fuel Additive for 2/3 Wheelers. Now I dont remember the exact name since I have stopped using it way back and switched to Speed. Currently using Xtra Premium in my Feb 2007 Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi (LCD).


Also Bardahl Addtive can be used in Apache 160 Fi. Just check that the bottle mentions "Use in 2/3 Wheelers" and not "4Wheelers". The Additive for 4 Wheelers is different from 2/3 Wheelers.


So you can choose whether to go for Iftex or Bardahl or Branded Premium Fuel.


One more option for you is You can use Shell Premium Petrol if its available in your city. I have read a lot on this forum (and some websites too) that Shell Premium Fuels are Much Better in terms of Smoothness, Pickup, Mileage, Low CO, etc.

My Bad Luck- We dont have a Shell Pump in our City Solapur.

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hey thnks sudeepd about your information. but pls can you tell me about how to use those additives, like the dealer told me that use 1 bottle for every 10,000 kms. is it true that 1 bottle will last for such a great span. also the dealer told me that i can use a small pouch of that Iftex which costs a mere 5 rs, to use it with 2 litres of petrol. I used it but i am not finding any much changes in my apache. can u tell me is it working or i am using it in wrong way?

Waiting for your earnest reply...............

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