Gear Shift Problem

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I owns A brand new Swift VDi, just 500 kms. about 1 month old.

2day I made a mistake. I was driving through a hilly area.

While shifting gear from 3rd to second, I got my leg slipped from clutch pedal, Which resulted a big cracking sound. I lost my mind at that time. I was pressing accelerator. Suddenly i pressed clutch again & stopped the car. I thought gearbox damaged. bcoz it was a big sound for some seconds. But no problem occurred. I started the car and moved. When I checked all gearst, everything were smooth as before. Will it cause a problem in future?

I am planning to do the first service next week. do i need to tell them this thing?

Will these type of gear shifts cause any problem?

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A one-off incident like the kind you mentioned shouldn't cause drastic damage to the gear box. So quit worrying about it. Just be careful so that you don't make the same mistake again as doing it frequently will cause premature gearbox damage.

Just be careful and drive safe. Not modulating the clutch well could also end up in you rear ending someone in bumper to bumper traffic.

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Make sure' date=' you don't engage Reverse gear after 5th by mistake, that might cause worry[/quote']

It is not possible to Shift the Reverse Gear from 5th since there is an interlock which prevents accidental shifts from 5th to Reverse.

I myself tried this on both of our Indigos long back.

The Gear Lever does not get shifted to Reverse from 5th.

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