Alloys for Chevrolet Spark.

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I own a Chevrolet Spark LS.


I want to fix some alloy and widen its tyres.


Firstly which tyres would I go for?




or any other tire companies?


Its stocks are 155/70 R13 75H


What does all this mean?

I need an expert advise for widening my tyres.


Here are my stocks.

The apollos side wall design is great,but want to widen them.






Can i have the best alloy manufacturer in market?


I love alloys,Like this:

Ofcourse its a BENZ alloy.can i get such a kind?


Please do post your advises.


Thank you

in advanse






SP09018 target="_blank">

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Suprisingly i did not see any response from any of the members.

I would prefer alloys like this:












Will they look good on my spark?


how much do they cost?







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but what i think is the tyres are thinny from the rear. 


If you are not satisfied with Sparks tyre, go for a low profile tyre along with rim replacement. That will make it looks sexy. Do remember to change its light as soon as possible.


I think these alloys with very low profile tyres (it will make your ride harsh marginally) will look very hot, If you like these go for it.




Make use of this calculator to choose the right size of Tyre & Rim.

Do ask for any other help if needed.


HSM, Bala 
creativebala2009-10-25 11:00:58

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thank you for your advice.


but bala ithink they look good for something biiiig!


i think the alloy photos which i have posted were suitable.


blue sapphire bala is here but where are you?

i want some more help from you as you have changed your rims.

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I suggested these multi spoked ones to Spark because, the 5 spoked one which you showed would look nice on big cars with say 17-18 inch rims only.


The price will vary from place to place and from city to city, so my advise would be to step out and check out at say 6-7 shops and you will have a fair idea on its price for yourself


Actually the first model I mentioned would be costly

creativebala2009-10-25 13:21:01

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HSM' date=' Bala?
[/quote'] @bala, from where did you got the pic, its snapped by me actually.

@Spirax, i havent changes the tyre size actually, i felt they are ok and look good, going for low profile means compromising on ride, so i always stay away from these, as for me Ride is most important.

For more info check out this thread, it was an alloys selection thread for me, now its closed but if you want to continue in that, mods can open it for you i suppose.


Check out the whole thread, might be useful to you.

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