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Bad experience with Mercedes Benz

My uncle owns one Mercedes Benz C-Class C220 CDI, tenorite grey. I want to share some bad experiences we had with the Mercedes Benz customer service.

1) There is no concept of free service or warranty for Mercedes Benz and the service charges are exorbitant compared to other cars in this segment. My uncle was

told that the service charge would be only about 10,000. Well, when it

came to the first service, they charged about 30,000 .Frankly speaking they

themeselves did not know how they arrived at the figure. They put the

figure and say that is the price. We had no option but pay. On the

other hand I believe that BMW or Audi has a 3-year free service scheme

or something of that sort. We came to know of all this from a family

friend who bought a BMW at the same time that we bought the Merc.

2) For an accident repair of the front bumper and grill, they charged a sum of Rs. 1,45,000....very highly priced by any standards.!!!


The spare parts are hardly available even if we are ready to pay the

exorbitant charges they put. The car has to be kept in the shed for

weeks because of unavailability of spare parts. Even the dealers do not

know when the spare parts will arrive and they make you run after the

parts for a long time.

4) There is no response from them even if you drop a mail.

Very irresponsible behaviour from a company that claims to be the best.

Think twice before you buy one...


For any queries or verification of the facts you may contact my uncle : Dr. V.K Abdul Azeez (

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That was a complete eye opener!smiley3.gif

Which service was it? 30k for a service is too damn steep!smiley7.gif


All this in the name of German engineering & our typical "nouveau rich" buyer is falling into the trap! So, there's a strong reason why Japanese have outdone & outclassed German rivals.


BTW, did your Uncle try out some other dealership? As individual dealers sometimes play a bigger mischief.

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These are "haloed" brands which are beyond reapproach and one has to cough up what they print. Ones got to be able to afford a 3 pointed star; let alone buying one. Don't worry even 2 decades old Pajero's run up such charges. Simple, though I may be able to stretch for a Skoda Laura 1.8 TSI, I'm not sure I'd be able to afford it's upkeep what with only one dealer in Chennai: notorious "Gurudev" Motor's; I can't keep shouting "Har Har Mahadev" everytime I take my car for service to Gurudev. I have been spoilt and pampered by Hyundai; I may not look beyond. Brand Equity: one's got to be able to afford it.

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@speed : unfortunately they are the only dealers here in Kerala..but i guess it is the same across dealers

@ Durango Dude : well..its not a question of affordability..thankfully we can afford

it...its just that BMW and Audi, which are in the same league are far

better in terms of customer care and cheaper in terms of

get a feeling that you are being cheated by these guys...we wouldn't

have had that had we gone for a BMW or an Audi...

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i owned sevral mercedes all were serviced at autohanger , even imports but bills never crossed 8000rs , it is strange how people get such huge amount , they should ask the service manager at the time of payment about the bill details

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