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From my Swift-Punto SUSPENSION forum,

came to know that Punto's


Suspension is superb.

Good in handling.

Great Package.


But why isn't the Punto selling?


Also Autocar's Diesel's fight says that Punto is over-weighted

can you say why is it so?

It is also low on performance does this mean that it is unable to

pick up high speeds?

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Seems you are just like me man, I am a great fan of Fiat & GM, and I think we sail in the same boat, I think our fav cars will also be Spark & Punto on its segment.


It is also low on performance does this mean that it is unable to

pick up high speeds?

Actually Punto's First gear is sluggish, to get the best power out of it,

Shift to Second gear as soon as possible, and in few sec, Punto starts to take off, wrt MJD
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So why such difference between SwiftMJD and PuntoMJD?


Yes creativbe I am a fan of Fiat(All cars) & GM(All cars)

Since I am not a blind Indian!smiley4.gif

Fiat does a well pick up by launching Punto & Linea.smiley32.gif


I have a doubt does Punto and Linea have same interiors?


I fell asleep after seeing Punto for it's looks.


For me a real car buyer is:

  • Who makes decision from his friends or himself but only from those who is aware of.

  • See the International car scenario.(In terms of companies)

  • Doesn't feel bad of others sayings about the car.(For me on buying Chevrolet)

Why I mentioned these is that Fiat and GM average companies according to Indians.

Spirax12009-11-18 15:16:41
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Just because it is spacious is not the only criteria to buy a car. Else I dont think even a single fiesta, or a swift would have sold. There are many factors that come in buying a car, space is one of them.

Also I am very happy with the Honda City we just bought so new car does not seem anytime soon.smiley4.gif

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1. swift multijet

2. punto mutijet

3. vista quadrajet


+ great space

+ super value for money

+ decent performance of engine and ride quality

- altough there is improvement over last indica, but the quality of plastics is not upto mark

- steering feel is not that good

- no abs


+ best looks

+ ride quality

+ well kitted

+ great steering

- mediocre performance

- large turning circle

- average gearshift

- resale may become a problem


+ good performance and most refined engine of the comparison

+ nice steering

+ comfortable front seats

- rear feels cramped because of legroom and small windows

- small boot

- rattles

- all black interiors attracts heat and tends to increase the cabin temperature quickly in summer

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@ arreddy - Additional demerits of swift that i would like to mention is rear view from inside the car while reversing the car is very bad when compared to punto and vista.

As far as Swift is concerned- You say the most refined engine- Even though the same 1.3MJD is used, how do you say its the most refined only in swift.

rki20072009-11-26 06:12:53
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Dear All, I attended one free checkup conducted by FIAT  my intention was to slightly loosen the clutch. But I came to know that The clutch is hydraulic and I will have to take the vehicle to Bhopal for service. Can I loosen the tightness of the clutch while maintaining the completeness of the clutch or how can this be optimized. Some times it happens like this that while putting to reverse gear TRRRR sound comes and the gear is not properly engaged. This happens at full clutch condition . Do anybody had such experience. My vehicle is Punto Active1.2L

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