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195 was the OE' date=' so I went for 205. The grip is amazing, especially in the ghat roads which I frequently do.(western ghats, Agumbe).[/quote']

Then you should have stuck to 195 and gone just a little lower than increasing the width. I had a Palio 1.6 with around 110bhp (against the Punto's 90bhp) and had 185's on it, which were fine and then moved to 195 because I upsized to 15". Anyway if you are happy so be it but 195 would have done the job as well.

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If you go for an induction kit then warranty is hampered. If you get a replacement filter that fits in your box then its fine. Just put the stock filter inside at the time of service. Search Petes store if they have a Green Cotton filter for punto. Its way better than K&N , pipercross or simota. Go for a set of Platinum or Irridium spark plugs. It will provide better performance and FE.


What engine oil are you using ? Use some semi synth oil or Mineral with SM formulation. Will help you get ultimate performance.

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I have a Punto Active. I will post the interior pics soon.


I'm getting very eager to look onto them & also Thanks in Advance.



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For those who feel' date=' an ANNOYING Clutch travel, consult TASS for clutch save cylinder (CSC) replacement. Its done in warranty, especially for some months make.[/quote'] I need to replace it during the first service. Mine is manufactured in the month of July 09.

Any one checked the Fiat website for the accessories? They have listed the part number as well as cost for all accessories.

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I wonder if they get the update version (Punto evo).Also the interior is a lot better in terms of aesthtics and materials used.

Obviously sir.. As cost-cutting & effectiveness isn't an Issue there.

& I think that version will be kept securely as the face-lift of the current Generation version here.
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