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I wonder if they get the update version (Punto evo). I checked it out here in the UK and the build quality and fit and finsh is a lot better than the older one. Also the interior is a lot better in terms of aesthtics and materials used.

I pray this does't here. I can live with the current Indian Punto's Interiors BUT I can't live with now International upgraded Punto's exteriors.




Our Punto looks like an Italian Beauty where as the new Punto resembles a Korean Aunty
creativebala2010-04-26 17:12:36
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I understand what you guys mean...but the thing is if they can at least upgrade the interiors i think it would be a major boost....guys honestly...the doors shut much more tightly in the 'Evo'....if they can provide that sort of quality in the aggressive pricing, they'd have another major advantage, right?

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that new punto looks much punchier IMO. punto never had good interiors and i wonder why fiat choosed to launch it like that. may be because they wanted to introduce another version of punto that can pull the attention of new buyers and on other hand, fiat can pocket some more money

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