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As kids , we all have had our fair share of liking for super heroes. Initially almost everyone likes Superman may be because of the reason, he is perfect, no mere earthly object can harm him, he is, bullet-proof , can fly, faster than a speeding locomotive(the last phrase is actually there in the cartoon) etc, and then, we start to grow up. And one fine day we find the X-men, and in there we find Wolverine. But we never could figure out why we like him. He's brash, short tempered, bad mouthed, impossible to control and he can't even fly(therefore more earthly). But we think he's 'cool' in a very wildly "wicked" way.

Now keeping that in mind lets come to cars. Every little boy loves toy cars, at least till his 10th birthday he wants nothing but cars(an, and I know most us would've had the little red pushback action Ferrari or a scale model with doors that could open when we were kids. Remember it now? We would play with superman on the Ferrari and drive the car around the house like a maniac, thinking to ourselves "I'm going to buy this car when I grow up." And grow up we did. Around the time we come across Wolverine we also come across, LAMBORGHINI.

The tables turn, we don't want the invincible, balanced and perfect, red caped hero any more . We want some one who is brash, deranged and egoistic. This is where we fall head over heals for Lamborghinis, and Lamborghini has had a reputation of making the most brash, wildly styled and notoriously fast cars on this planet, that could make even the most experienced drivers wet their pants. Lamborghini becomes an icon for us, everybody is buying Lambo posters left, right and centre. First its the Countach with its massive air intakes, futuristic styling and tyres so wide that if flattened they could be used as a carpet for your living room. then in the 90s came the Diablo, appropriate name for that beast it really was the 'devil', with 4 wheels. It had a plenty of Countachness about it. But it was every petrolhead

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