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What is a car immobilizer ?  Is it different from an engine immobilizer ?  How to verify that your car is having this device ?  Can you disable it ?  How to know whether it works ?  How to test it ?

I need info on all the above.  Can you please help ?

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Factory fitted immobilizers are built into the car's ECU.     

Aftermarket immobilizer systems aren't very good and don't do a satisfactory job as a theft deterrent. You are better off using other means (gear locks, GPS based trackers, etc.)

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My new vehicle Xylo E8 has this Immobilizer. What are it's functions? How can I benefit from this?

FYKI, I would like to mention that Xylo (all Variants) has Engine Immobiliser (I have not heard about any Car Immobilisersmiley2.gif). The Functions (Benefits) of this Engine Immobiliser are--

1) The Engine Immobiliser has inbuilt Code which is matched with the Code built in Remote to Start the Engine.

2) The Engine does not Start if the Car is Unlocked with Key instead of Remote and blows Alarm to alert the owner of the vehicle and neighbourhood.

3) For Xylo, you can Turn Off the Alarm by pressing Lock and Panic Alarm Button simultaneously. (I have done this since the Beep Sound while Locking or Unlocking with Remote is Loud).

4) The Engine Immobiliser thus protects the Theft of Vehicle (Since the vehicle does not start until it is Unlocked with Remote.
sudeepd2009-11-19 13:32:43

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