October 09 sales


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TATA MOTORS, a 34.42 per cent increase sales at 53404 units.

MARUTI, a 32.45 per cent increase in sales at 85415 units

SKODA, a 98 per cent increase in sales at 1753 units

HYUNDAI, a 11 per cent increase in sales at 57736 units.


M & M, a 32.11 per cent increase in sales at 18410  units.


General Motors, a 15 per cent increase in sales at 7413 units.


Honda, a 400+ per cent increase in sales at 6909 units.


Ford, a 50+ per cent increase in sales at 3458 Units. 


Toyota, a 50 per cent increase in sales at  5650 Units 



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Noteworthy points.

1.800 continues its fall.

2.i20 has sold more than Ritz, being costlier and less powered that is a huge achievement.

3.Linea sales are not great considering that the segment rivals have almost double the sales.

4. Ambassador still sold 806 units!

5. Even the facelifed Civic was not able to outsell the Altis.

6. The Accord/Superb fight seems to be on, with the two juggling places every month.

7. Innova outsells Xylo by nearly double.

8.Scorpio continues to rule over Safari.

9. Fortuner outsells the competition combined together for all the month sice it has been launched.

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Its wonderful to see vista selling better than swift. Unbelievable. And dzire's looks hated by many has managed to mark 6603 .I am reaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy surprised to see ambasaddors were sold that too 806 in one month looks better than aveo, logan and getz  man.

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Split figures of Vista & old Indica need to be seen & so do the figures of i20 diesel & petrol.

Fiesta seems to have got a boost due to the limited editions which are well priced.


Laura too is rising significantly.


Innova does outsell Xylo but Scorpio+Xylo give Mah. big nos.


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Actually SX4 was something that Maruthi thought its gonna be a fantastic hit. And when people are buying the Honda City at 10.5L +++ why will they not buy the SX4. This wrong thought has made Maruthi SX4 a failure. Because a petrol car at that price is not preferred by anyone. Off course it cannot be compared with that of Honda City which is very refined and excels in all the areas than SX4.

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Fiat seems to be fizzing off again. After some months of good recovery it is selling just over 2000 cars a month espescially in the festive season which is not a good news.

i20 outselling Ritz is a big news for a car that is costlier and has lesser power.

Cruze sold pretty good though it remains to be seen what the response is in the months to come.

Even after the new E class launch 5 series still outsold it.

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Hello rki,

Initially there was a heavy demand for SX4, and hence a long wait.

But I don't think that Maruti has expected SX4 to sell more than City. Remember, they didn't increase the production of SX4 much, even though there was a waiting period for SX4 initially. If they expected heavy demand for SX4, they could have increased the production rate.

When we go up the price brand, the more brand conscious the customer becomes. This is the main reason why Honda City is selling much better than all the other cars in the segment.

Also, I think Maruti's target was Verna and Fiesta for sure. When compared to them SX4 still sells well, though with only Petrol option.

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Many be after the Toyota car is launched, Honda might start feeling the heat.

Verna and Fiesta are selling well only on Diesel. When we compare SX4 petrol with Verna petrol and Fiesta petrol, SX4 was always on top, even when the SX4 sales dwindled to very small numbers(around 700). And this was due to rumor about the expected face-lift of SX4.

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Jazz (830) has joined the rank of flops like Fabia (779) and UVA (599) mainly due to the absurd premium pricing policy of Honda. All other Honda models are also hit due to the same reason. Civic trails behind Altis and Cruze, Accord is beaten by Superb and CRV is now in 'also ran' category. Do not know when Honda will realise its mistakes. City is selling in decent numbers only because of absence of any worthy competition. Let Polo Sedan and Toyota enter in this segment and situation will change. I think Civic will stablise around 300-400 numbers after January as the upgrade is merely cosmetic.


Toyota has 3 segment leaders in Altis, Innova and Fortuner. In fact Fortuner has outsold 'all other SUV's combined' in its segment. The sleeping giant is waking up in India. Please assemble Camry in India.


Audi Q7 is king in Premium SUV's.

Mercedes leads 2 segments with S and C class.  

BMW leads with 5 series over E class only because it sells 5 models of 5 series as compared to single E350. Situation will change as Merc launches more models of E class.


Volvo is leader in buses but its cars have not proved to be a hit with Indian customers.


Despite customer's apprehension to its A.S.S. problems, Skoda still manages to lead one segment by Superb despite Skoda's limited reach. Its Laura can overtake Civic in coming months.

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Good data Rahul, good to see the sales of i20, spark and Cruze. Although they have mentioned Indica VISTA but its combined for sure.

And i think we should continue the sales figure in one single thread, i request mod to merge this thread into "September sales figure"thread, and rename it as "Monthly Sales Figure". That would be much better, what do you say guys.

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I feel the Civic facelift was just a stop-gap measure from Honda till the new Civic is launched next year. They did the same when they launched the City ZX with extra features to prevent SX4 from taking the crown. I read somewhere that it is to be expected in April. As for Jazz I feel that the market was just not mature enough for it, even then pricing should have been lower, around 50000 lesser.

Also regarding Polo sedan we are still not sure about how it will be received from those who are not into automobile industries, i.e. the majority public. Yes Toyota will give some serious threat to City, but Indian customers, espescially below 10 lakh are known to put their faith in estabilished products, and also we have no idea about the pricing, I dont see anyway for it to be much cheaper than City, though cheaper is very much expected. It would take sometime for the Toyota Sedan to dethrone City(if it does). Even Altis only surpassed Civic this April after Honda announced price hike.

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Agree with you on the combined thread. Ya the Tata figure are combined. The indigo column includes all the sedans sold by Tata while The Indica Vista column indicates all the Hatchs sold by Tata.

Palio sales are down under. I dont know why Fiat is trying to revive it. This is the remembrance of their bad past. They have turned a nw leaf with two wonderful new cars, naming any new car Palio would be a step backwards.


Just saw your new post BS.

Oh yes City ZX was launched way before, but the 10th anniversary

edition which had airbags and all was launched after that. I remember

reading on some site/ Mag about the Civic launch in 2010. It has

already been launched last year in US and seeing the current portfolio

Honda is not taking too much time to bring its refreshed models to


rahul18102009-11-08 13:40:33

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This is the sales data individually for the month of Oct'09 compiled by Kapursv of Team-BHP forum.

Hello all smiley1.gif?


Did any one counted the number of models in this sales list?

If not count now.

Its unbelievable.smiley32.gif


Once upon a time only two models ruled indian roadssmiley19.gif
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Things I am happy to see


1. Spark doing decent no.s. Still not as good as competition but respectable at 4K.

2. i20 outselling the ritz. A better product for a little extra. Worth it, I say!

3. Consumers sticking to quality over quantity with Innova outselling the Xylo and others.


Just wish Fiat gets its act together and takes care of the quality issues. But considering the past record of their partner in crime aka TATA I doubt it will happen soon.
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