Hot Scoops on Mahindra Scorpio, Xylo!

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Following our big bang scoop on GM India products, I came up with unearthed few unheard information from the Nashik Manufacturer. Mahindra has been under scanner of my brains. Now here are the findings

* Mahindra is becoming safety conscious atleast now. The scorpio which is available with ABS will now get Airbags. Mahindra would equip the top end variants (VLX) with twin airbags. The launch will happen in December or at auto expo

* Following the Scorpio, Mahindra hot selling product Xylo would also get airbags

* The new world class monocoque SUV which Mahindra is developing under the codename W201 is destined to launch in October 2010

* Mahindra

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Those are very nice titbit's cooking in M&M. Indian developed petrol engine: we all know how the Tata petrol engines have faired. I hope M&M doesn't do the same mistake, as Tata, of retaining the bottom half of their cast iron diesel blocks and changing only the other top half to gasoline. Making it thus increases the wieght of the engines and results are there for all to see. Hope they come up with a clean sheet petrol engine and also take some outside help instead of going about "re-inventing the wheel" type of learning curve and using the customer's as guinea pig's.

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