Wake up Hero Honda

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Partly correct . They have failed to gain the sports biking market in which YAMAHA is recently doing very well . But HH is firm on the commuters market and mainly targeting semi urban and rural areas where engine is not a major factor but new colours and superficial modification makes sales grow up. So smart plan i say. 

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Well yes hero honda is acting very lazy in the market...

Upgraded hunk and cbz seem like they have been smashed with bright colours... smiley36.gif

Though I love hunk to bits, its a fabulous allround bike...

The field where hero honda has badly failed is in bringing innovative or completely reworked product...

Its been 4yrs and no new bike has been launched after hunk...

Just upgrades...

Now we have a beautiful karizma zmr, but it still fails if compared with an R15...

Thats what HH ought to do is to make newer products on completely new platforms...

They have to prove that they got better r&d provisions than other companies...

Wake up Hero Honda, plz... smiley18.gif

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Recently there was news that HH and its parent Honda are having a tiff over the transfer of technology. It appears that Honda through the wholly owned HMSL, is likely to now intrude into the green pastures of HH viz. the 100 cc market, with a Honda designed contemporary model for our market. It may knock off HH in the longer run, if there's no R&D awakening at the HH headquarters.

HH has been using the same old  Honda technology but newer plastic moulds and graphics, with attractive instrumentation, just to lure the masses. And the reliability and fuel economy factors have helped them sail through a lot, since more than two decades.

Actually the buyers are gullible and its the herd mentality that these manufacturers encash. The same thing went on with the Bajaj Super and Chetak that went on selling well for decades till the sales collapsed one fine day.

In the rural markets HH reigns supreme as fuel economy is the one sole criteria that most buyers demand.In the 125, 150 and 230 cc segments the HH products are mostly sold to the younger buyers who get impressed by the Karizmatic and Hunky graphics and designs with the old power plant and transmission.

Lets hope wisdom prevails at the HH headquarters or they may go the mighty dinosaur way!

anjan_c20072009-11-25 14:22:36

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@ arreddyy,

I fully appreciate with you & your aspiring views about the Hero Honda. I think the HH knows this too very well but it seems that they are slightly selfish & somewhat frightened about these aspects as removal of the Honda suffix from their brand name will adversly affect their brand value(just imagine the name Hero Splendor & Hero Karizma instead of Honda written with them) & hence affecting their presence & customer belief on them.

This may fizzle the whole HH brand as happened with Hero puch & hero winner,etc.

So HH plays here safely & will be making the profits till HMSI comes loaded with complete HH beating range here.

Afterall we are in a world of business not of emotions.

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But if HH is listening to this optimistically they might follow the Bajaj's developmental stratergy as penned by Rajiv Bajaj before pulsars launch as a result of which the Bajaj will be capable of being world's top most two-wheeler maker as per their new Japanese technical advisor.

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