Autocar India Performance Show 2009

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The Autocar India Performance show is back in all its Glory. The show will be held from the 19th-22nd at the MMRDA grounds at the Bandra-Kurla Complex.

The Autocar Performance Show is not just

another auto show but the ultimate destination

for all car and bike enthusiasts. No other show

in the country offers such an exciting mix of

high performance cars and bikes, and accessories

that make your car and bike go faster and look

better, plus the latest in in-car entertainment


A few Select Pictures from Previous Performance Shows.





Ever since it was launched in 2005, this show

has become bigger and better every year and 2009

promises to be a record year for participants

and visitors alike.

The reason

for the phenomenal growth of this show is

simply because it is the only auto show

of its kind. It focuses on the untapped

and growing breed of passionate car and

bike enthusiasts that appreciate good quality

products. In fact, reputed brands like Audi,

Bajaj, BMW, Chevrolet, Fiat, GM, Honda,

Lamborghini, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce, TVS,

Volvo and Yamaha have used this show as

a unique platform to reach out to the wealthy

and well informed audience that visits this


So if your products are all about aspiration

rather than mere utility transport, your

participation in this show guarantees a

vital business opportunity.

CYRUS432009-11-11 12:22:29

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Well ya, will surely meet you and FRG.

And Cyrus can you tell me that how far is the Venue from Bhulabhai desai marg (Where the USA embassy is located actually) by Taxi.

And also from Isckon temple, Juhu.

Please tell me if you know.

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Yes the Mahindra track will be there. That's where I'll be. From Juhu' date=' it is easily 45min-1hr depending on time of the day. Expect to spend about 250-300 bucks in a MeruCab. From the other location, I'm not sure.FRG

[/quote'] Thanks, can i know the difference between fares of Meru cabs and normal Mumbai black yellow taxi.

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Hiii all i would be there havnt missed this show from the time it startd,the 1st one was at worli and i jst cant forget that ay bcoz i went on my b-day,

hey cyrus on wat days would u be there?

how can i identify you bro?

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@winner: The Fastest Production Car in the world is The Shelby Ultimate Aero. At the record of 412.28KMPH.

The Fastest car in the world EVER is the THRUST SSC piloted by Andy Green on OCT 15th 1997 at a speed of 1227.986KMPH (Faster than the speed of sound)

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