Hero Honda Hunk / Honda Unicorn

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Dears, Im planning to buy a 150 CC bike.

I have zeroed down to Hunk & Unicorn.

Im in a 50-50 with this bikes for almost 20 days.

Please give me a good suggestion for my final verdict...

I really like this two bikes... need ur advice.

pls help me out.

Have a gr8 day !!!

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-Good Handling

-For short & avg height people

-If more of City Usage

-a Hero Honda



-For Long Drives

-against Short Guys

-its too heavy

-boring looks


In my opinion' date=' HUNK



@bala - Please correct me if i am wrong  i think hunk is defnitly not for short people. It is reasonably taller than apache and Unicorn.


@msjawahar - My votes goes to Hunk. Anyday i personally feel hunk will  be better choice. Offcourse both the bikes may give almost same mileage and for that matter hunk may be bit less fuel efficient than the unicorn. The major drawback that i see with the hunk is the non- availablility of digi meter but any way you dont have it unicorn as well .

Final choice Hunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rki20072009-11-12 19:47:35

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In my humble and probably uninformed opinion' date=' the Unicorn is a better bike.



I too second Mr FRG's opinion as the Unicorn is a very technically refined bike which is at least a generation ahead technologically.Its engine is more refined and the rear mono shock is quite advanced.

But truly as rssh says a new model from Honda is overdue to replace the Unicorn.

Remember one thumb rule. Honda Motorcycle and Scooters India Ltd is a 100% Honda Motor Company owned enterprise. Whereas Hero Honda has some Honda stake but its majority shareholding is by the Hero Group.No one in the business world is so naive to part with the latest technology to a company it does not fully own.And Honda is itself present as a competitor in India. This fact is true in the world of business  all over the world. Moreover there is some strain that has come to the fore between Honda and Hero Honda and this fact is starving the HH group of the latest technology.

Now the easiest way out for HH is to improve the graphics, looks, plastic ornamentation and so on to make the bikes look catchy for the young generation. And HH 's USP is that they make very reliable bikes but with older technology.Their quality control is superb.

But to sum it all, Honda beats HH technologically.

anjan_c20072009-12-06 15:14:19

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of the two options go for HUNK as it is a reliable product from hh , unicorn's looks is outdated but not the engine,so the honda might come up with a new replacement for as of now go for HUNK

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u already have a uni' date='why again going for it?? its better to go for hunk,p-180,or me the new p-180 is an eyecandy followed by rtr-180.try em first[/quote']

Exactly! Your unicorn isn't too old! But if you again want to go for it, i'll refer you a unicorn again!

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thanks for ur messages

i had a unicorn 2 yrs back... and i was very well satisfied with it... i sold it before comming here in Gulf..

Im now going back to India once for all and Im planning to buy a good 150 CC bike... i really like the Hunk but since ive used the Unicorn im inclined towards it... thats the main issue.. but nw ive put myself into the bull HUNK... 98% :)

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