Is this the aveo 2010?

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Many international autoblogs caught the aveo 2010 in China.

Checkout the pics-


  • The front looks more like a Mitsubushi.


  • The interiors are a combination of Cruze(centre console) and Beat in meter cluster.
  • Steering design shows a new age Chevrolet.



  • The OSRVM's are same as cruze.



  • Rear light is that of Beat.



  • The zip beside the rear window shows that the door opener is up as the Beat.


  • On removing the alloy sticker found this!smiley36.gif

What do you expect from this:

  • A punchy MJD 1.4?smiley1.gif

  • A good fuel efficient petrol?

Source:World Car Fans.

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First of all its not even in china, the license plates clearly indicate the car was caught in germany. These days the media has this habit of attributing everything to china, be it tension in the indian border or new car being tested.

Coming to the point, I think this will indeed become the aveo hatchback.



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BornFree2009-11-12 18:17:27

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Somehow, I feel that this is not going to be a normal sized hatch.  It looks like a much bigger hatch.  If it comes into India, it may have a good market as I stongly feel that there exists a huge demand for 'bigger than hatch' segment (and less than Innova/Xylo/Tavera size).   There is still no replacement for Omni (with all it's limitations like no-AC, low safety etc.,) and this segment may become the next fastest growing segement.   

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Yes this sure a U-VA replacement in India.I heard some where it's code name is T300. Like Cruze J300 , M300 Beat from 300 series car has Karl sylm has told in the Cruze launch.


The interiors


Looks too good. All new chevy are getting very awsome interrious.Steering is form Cruze & meter cluster is modified from Beat. IP looks very promising have wait & watch is that same come to india.




Yes mirrors are form Cruze. It is mush bigger then the current U-VA, may be same has Honda Jazz. It amy compet with I20, Fabia, Jazz.

Tail lamps looks like mdoifed form beat. Rear door too i guess seeing the picture.

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Looks too big for a Hatch. Can be called as mini MPV. Boot seems to be huge.

And why almost same interiors like Cruze, including that superb steering of Cruze. I think there should remain some exclusivity to Cruze, atleast for steering part.

And still i feel it wont come before 2011 mid or even late.

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