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Review of my Apache 160 Fi

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Hey guys i recently got my Apache 160 Fi on 14-10-09. It is a yellow colored bike.smiley17.gif. I like the racy black stripes on it. But i am displeased with the TVS company as it provides only 3 colors(orange, yellow and grey) for the fuel injected version unlike the red and black which are available on the carburettor version. smiley7.gif.

Well speaking about the design of this bike, i like it very much. It looks fast from every angle. The tank scoops too are racy and unique. The speedometer is digital and comes with blue backlit tachometer. Clip on handle bars are great for every person, of every size. Its so comfortable that i find the apache more convenient than the pulsar 150. Also the sporty seating arrangement on this bike is not at all stressful.

Fire the starter and  the 160 cc fuel injected engine rumbles to life. The high frequency sound note from the exhausts is great. This rev-happy engine produces 15.7 bhp @ 8500 RPM. Make the engine spin fast and vibrations (which are a part of the apache) will set in through the footpegs and the handlebar @ 5K rpm. This vib continue to last till 5500 rpm`s and then again the engine is smooth right uptill 12K. This Apache gives out the max power at high rpm`s. still  it isnt that bad around the city.

In the city the Apache handles well. Thanks to its low tyres, 17" and 18" at the

front and the rear. The riding is so good that you can flick this bike in and around traffic easily. Also this bike is very good for STREET FIGHTINGsmiley2.gif.

Also i found a good thing about the rear grab rail. The grab rail can double up as a hook for hanging carry bags, as it is splitted up in the middle.

Also the stopping power from the ROTO PETAL DISCS is just awesome.

The front disc bites at you if you are too hard with it. Fortunately the rear is not as fierceful as the front one. Though it needs a gettin used to but it will not bite you hard as the front brakes.

So far so good. What the RTR lacks in is GRIP. The level of grip from the Apache is not good. They are so poor at grip that you need to be in limits while cornering as you might fall out. Also they shreik out their protest in slightest hint of hard breaking.

Well leaving all these flaws the bike performs good.

Also i have found some problems in my Apache. They are as follows:-

1) When i go over bumps i hear a THUD from the front. I cant exactly make it out from where is it coming, but it comes from the front.

2) While riding the bike sometimes at speeds of around 40 i saw the tachoemeter needle rising upto 12K even when i kept the engine rpm @ 4K.

This happened some 3-4 times till today from the day when i brought this bike.

3) When i start breaking from speeds of around 40, i hear a small 'BANG' from the silencer. Even this too happened some 3-4 times only from the day it is brought.

4) I hear some small squeaks from the front discs at very low speeds.

I reported the dealer about this problems, but the guys in there say that the problems are small and negligible and will be fixed in my next scheduled service.

Can anyone tell me are the problems really negligible?

Leaving all these flaws the Apache performs fantastic.

Now all the guys in here who own a Apache, pls post ur views with ur machines in here.

FuelRunGod2009-11-13 07:20:42

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Well FRG i am not able to load the pics from the imageshack. The site is taking too long for uploading pics. I kept the uploading going on for 3 hrs but in vain. The pics are not being uploaded. It gives message that uploading miage, but i cant see any progress.

 Please give me step by step details of how to insert pics. Please.

Thanks in advance.

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