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Bangalore to Badami/Pattadakal/Aihole/Bijapur

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We plan to visit in my Fiat Linea from Bangalore to Badami, Pattadakal, Aihole & Bijapur, then to Dharwad [to attend a marriage] before returning to Bangalore. I know the routes. But, I do not know about the present road condition of the stretch from Chitradurga to Hospet/Bagalkot/Bijapur. Similarly, the stretch from Bijapur to Hubli. I travelled in these stretches many years ago and not recently. Or, would it be better to take the route of Bangalore-Dharwad-Saudatti-Yerraghatti-Badami/Pattadakal/Aihole? I read in the newspapers that Chitradurga-Hospet stretch is horrible, thanks to over-loaded trucks of mining companies in that region and also the recent floods. I request those who have visited these areas recently to kindly enlighten me about the condition of the roads and preferable route. I do not mind detouring provided the road condition is better and worth detouring.

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This was a few months ago. The road between Chitradurga and Hospet is fairly wide and almost fully constructed. The markings were missing so avoid night travel. But some stretches were bad thanks to the trucks. Don't know if the floods have ruined them, I was there at least 2 months ago.

I haven't travelled much in this area so can offer only limited help.

Why don't you take the NH4 out of Bangalore towards Hubli. One stretch near Ranibennur is bad and has been for a while. You'll make up the time, since you will be on the GQ. At Hubli you can turn off to NH218 towards Bijapur and turnoff at Chimmanakati to SH14 for Badami and head to Aihole. (Sorry I can't find the directions for Aihole). You could use the same road back to Hubli-Dharwad.

Your second suggestion, I've never travelled on, so don't know.

Sorry I couldn't be of much help here.

PS: If possible carry a mapmyindia GPS with you. It knew most roads when we were there doing our drive.


FuelRunGod2009-11-13 08:27:36

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