Winter precautions for car

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Also in the Himalayas' date=' the desi way of keeping the heat in is to cover the grille to block some airflow. Truckers even light fires under their engines and tanks to keep them warm. But I doubt anybody in Moscow will let you do that.

Even after using all this, performance will not be as good as it should be till everything has warmed up.



I had heard about the lighting of mild fires under the engines of trucks and CJ 500D Mahindra jeeps (these used to have a heater and glow plug on the dash though) and also under the diesel tanks in Bhutan, where a friend was working earlier.

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was searching for ways to make my carb 800 more springier in the mornings. I have been idling (on choke) for 30 sec before moving but even that is not sufficient to make it less sluggish. It gets warmed up to the normal temp just about right when i have reached my destination (office). I use water as coolant, does that have any effect on warm up times? Isnt the cooling circuit turned off till the engine is warm?

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