Indigo Manza(petrol) Aura(ABS) booked

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 I have just booked Manza Petrol(Aura ABS). The Colour is RED. The On Road Price is 6.28 lakhsNo time specified for Delivery. I want Suggetions regarding accessories that I can add. I have a budget of Rs 25000 for aceesrories and my wishlish includeds.

1) leather/Art leather Seats.

2) Sunfilm

3) Extra filltings on Pedals

Any adice suggetion is welcome. One more thing is I have observed that seats are a bit firm.Can something be done for making them soft.

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Congrats dear for your Red Manza Aura ABS.

When is it likely to arrive in your hands ?

I am waiting for your detailed write up on Manza.

I am planning to sell my Esteem and buy a Manza in the

near future (that is, only if I could find a buyer for my Esteem smiley3.gif

I suggest that you do not fit any accessories immediately. Wait for a couple of months. Let the model come into the market and give the traders some time to bring suitable (and perfect fit) accessories. Like in my case, I am the first one to buy a Xylo in Feb 2009 and till recently, I could not get any perfect-fit accessories (be it floor mats, crash guard, seat covers etc.,). And, those who hurry to fix something or the other have to live with ill-fitting seat covers etc., I suggest you wait for a couple of months after taking delivery.

Happy driving.

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I think the Manza is pretty loaded up already and I think you got one of the high end models so you probably will get most of the accessories.

I dont see meny other things that have to be added besides some good soft leather seat covers. Congrats!

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Congrtes for new buy smiley20.gif. we are waiting for your opinion on manza especialy petrol.

as rameshbabu said wait for some time to fit the accessories.

Stanley leather is costly compared to others. i think you can use the seats as it is. afterwards you can go for change.

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