Shumi comeback RUMOUR

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I just read recently that he is reducing his commitments with Ferrari and would be coming to fewer races for Ferrari, by 2011/2012. Or his expertise would be used only for Ferrari's road going cars. But I really doubt that he would be joining Mercedes (Brawn racing). 

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The reason for Schumi's less involvement has been given that he will become more involved with the FIA as it is now headed by Jean Todt.

Do you have any sources about this information? BEcause if there was even a remote chance of a Schumi comeback it will have to be with Ferrari.

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Schumacher returns to F1

Seven-time world champion to join Mercedes GP for 2010


Auto Express Car Reviews

14th December 2009

It's the news all Formula 1 fans have been waiting for! German newspaper reports are claiming that Michael Schumacher has agreed a  deal to drive for Mercedes GP next season.

The contract, reported by daily newspaper, Bild, and news magazine, Focus, is worth 3.5 million Euros and will see Schumacher paired with Nico Rosberg for the 2010 season.

As of now, the contract has only been verbally agreed while the seven-time world champion completes talks to leave his role at Ferrari and passes a final medical test.

Reports also suggest that Mercedes are targeting Schumacher as an ambassador for the German  manufacturer beyond his involvement with the F1 team.

Despite no word from Schumacher himself, the deal is likely to be confirmed later this week.

Read more: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk

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The figure that has been touted now is 20 million Euro. There was a time when there was another figure of 7 million Euro was being quoted. This time around it doesn't seem to be just a rumour. It looks as if it is actually possible that Schumacher will make a comeback.sadsack2009-12-18 02:17:03

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