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Delhi Auto Expo 2010

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hello guys do any of you list the cars which is gonna be launched at Delhi auto expo 2010 and also what are the prototypes, which cars are going to get face lifts and to be presented at the show..smiley1.gif


sorry if similar thread exists already..

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The cars which most probably will be displayed at Auto Expo 2010 are:

-New Nissan Micra.(L)

-Nissan 370Z.

-Nissan Teana & X-Trail(new variants).

-New VW Polo.(L)

-Volkswagen Golf.

-Skoda Fabia RS.

-Skoda Yeti.

-BMW X1.

-New BMW 5-Series.

-Volvo SUV XC60.

-Volvo S60 sedan.

-Audi R8(new variant).

-Bentley Mulsanne.

-Jaguar new XJ.

-Hyundai new Sonata.

-Hyundai Santa Fe.

-Hyundai i10 CRDi.(L)

-Hyundai 800 prototype.

-Ford Figo.(L)

-Ford new Fiesta.

-Ford mini-SUV.

-Mahindra mini-SUV prototype.

-Mahindra Renault Logan(facelifted).(L)

-Mahindra Xylo 4x4.

-Mitsuibishi new Lancer.(L)

-Premier Rio(spiced up variants).

-Chevrolet 800cc Spark.(L)

-Chevrolet Beat(petrol& diesel).(L)

-Chevrolet Aveo(facelifted sedan & hatchback).

-Chevrolet Cruze 1.8 petrol.(L)

-Toyota Prado Diesel.

-Toyota Prius hybrid.

-Maruti Kizashi.

-Maruti Swift(facelifted).(L)

-Maruti new Rs. sub 3-lac small car.

-Maruti new tall-boy Alto/A-Star.

-Tata Prima sedan.

-Tata Indicruz.(L)

-Tata Sumo grande(updated).(L)

-Tata Indica Vista Ignis.(L)

-spruced up !Tata Nano.(L)

-Bajaj new Pulsar range.(L)

-Bajaj new Discover 125 DTS-Si.

-Kawasaki racing range.

-Yamaha new R-series bike for india.

*(L)-indicates the automobiles which are or probably be launched at Auto Expo 2010.

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@ dr_nishu

nice list you have compiled but I doubt if Bentley Mulsanne and Jaguar XJ will be displayed as such cars have a very exclusive clientage which does not like so much crowd. If at all Tata puts up a stall for Jaguar then Jag XF and Range Rover models will alo be displayed.   Same goes for Mulsanne, which if displayed will be showcased with Continental GT and Flying Spur.

How I would love to see those cars. smiley1.gif

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Hi there,

The facelifted Swift which probably will be launched in the Auto Expo 2010 may not be exactly the global facelift version with altered specifications,most probably it will same current Indian Swift facelifted in Indian tone,i.e. have altered lights,bumpers,seat fabrics,dials,etc with Euro-IV tuned Diesel & 1.2 l K-Series Petrol engines.

And Jaguar XJ will surely be displayed at Expo as its the Flagship Jaguar till now & Tata will definitely showcase it to mark its strong presence there.

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guys what about the Chevrolet Aveo Sedan and hatchback..

will they be launched at auto expo the new aveo which was launched in china with some modifications(lova) ..

and the chevy aveo5 and beat...

will chevrolet launch all of these vehicles..

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I doubt about the Facelift Swift /New Ford Fiesta. Swift just got a minor facelift in 2008. So i think mostly we will get only the Next gen model - if it all its showcased it would be only the 1.2 KB series in it.

To add to the list :-

Toyota's small car/ Saloon ( Code Name : EFC)

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Hey,this is ts the VW Polo's sedan derived from the hatchback version.

but this may not be the actual production version as the VW's chief said that they are developing a sedan version of the Polo hatch & will be having the completely re-skinned exteriors like Fiat Punto & Linea not like as Swift & Swift Dzire/Indica Vista& Indigo Manza as shown in the pics. .

This is completely ugly thing from soon to becoming world's largest auto-maker.

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@ Anand,

Maruti Swift most probably will be getting the K12M engine due to following advantages over the M13A engine,

-Localisation: The K12M engine is made MSIL in India but no M-Series engines are currently made in India by them,even SX4's 1.6 litre M-series engine is imported from Suzuki's other factory outside India.

And to start Production of new Engine takes a huge investment.

-Excise benefits: The 1.2 l engine gives the small cars much needed Excise duty concessions as per Indian govt. policies.

-Fuel efficiency: Last but not the least, 1.2 l engine can definitely overtake the 1.3 l engine in fuel efficiency stakes,the back-bone of the Indian customer demands.

        So due to these MSIL might not bring the M13A engine for the Swift,intead it will Plonk the K12M under its hood.

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hi doc thanks for the better and brief explanation..

that was useful information..

and if swift gets K12M then it will get the excise duty exemption then will MUL reduce the price of swift..

In that case both Ritz and Swift by means of performance, FE and specs same..

then wouldn't it affect the sales of the other..

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Hi frens,

I am looking for a new car and sell my current Santro.I heard Hyundai i10, Toyota Yaris Petrol/Diesel,Punto improved version,Swift with K-series,Polo are on the way in 2010.How long can I wait for new ones.Also which of the upcoming cars are going to meet Bharat stage IV?

My requirements:

Sturdy Diesel Car with good mileage and enough boot space(Hatchback)

Budget - 5 - 6.5L on road

Pls update me the details.

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Hi If Swift gets the Kseries engine K12M in order to meet BS4 and to get the benefit of excise duty...

Then what about the Swift Dzire.. will get the same K12M engine

in that case wouldn't it be less competitive in the segment where tata manza gets 1.2 FIRE petrol engine from FIAT.. ???

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The swift seems to be definitely coming with K12M engine but nothing cann't be confirmed about the Swift Dzire as its story is altogether different as,

-There's no excise duty relaxation in that segment with such specifications.

-Price doesn't matters too much in its class like as that of hatchbacks.

-More powerful engine is required as to propel the heavier body.

So as per considering the above facts Maruti might not plonk it with the 1.2 l, K-Series engine, instead they may opt for 1.3 l, M13A engine which powers the swift internationally & don't mind being importing it.

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Do anyone know what is the difference in looks at swift k-series. Also, what would be the price reduction because of excise duty relaxation ?

If anyone know much details on Swift k-series please let me know on the same as i am booking in dec 2nd week.


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