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Delhi Auto Expo 2010

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Swift is going to get only engine updgrade, which is due to the BS4 compliance coming next year.
Apart from that there is no change in it.
The global next generation swift will come only after 2011,and if Swift gets k series and get excise duty benefit MSI may reduce the price, wait till Jan 2010... Prashbv.



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Maruti will simultaneously change the swifts and Dzires petrol engine , also I think 1.2lt for Dzire is too small isn't it . They should bring the 1.3M series for Dzire atleast then may be offer it in Zxi varient of swift with K12 being offered in the ritz.

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ya we hope that Suzuki india will bring up its global engines in indian versions of swift. and dzire may get the 1.3 M series engine but when the new engine is being imported MSI will surely increase the price tag of Dzire. Dzire being the segment leader (one of the factor is its price).. and new manza is there for competition..

we'll have to wait n see what's gonna happen.

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If Swift and all cars are getting the K series, then Dzire is bound to have that engine so as to meet BS4 norms, they cant update this engine to those norms, and also MS doesnt have any new powerful petrol engine, so any new car will have 1.2K series only, also have heard that their Versa replacement will also have the same engine.

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@ bluesapphire

No they are not restricted to their K-series engine only as they might opt for the more powerful M-series engines by importing them for their cars to whom price will not be a major concern,like Dzire,etc.

For more details, read this complete thread & its posts.

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Guys what about the new Chevrolet Beat, I think it shares the same splash(Indian Ritz) platform, what about the engine details. And Chevrolet is well known for its interior space, do any of you post the interior of Chevy Beat(Matiz Creative as in East Asian Countries)smiley1.gif




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The Wagon-R was jointly developed & shared by Suzuki & GM, This might be true that the new Wagon-R aka Splash was also developed conjointly.

So Chevrolet used it to raise the Beat(new spark).

The Beat most probably will be coming in India with 1.2 l, 85bhp petrol engine from GM-DAT,Korea & 1000cc,65bhp 3-cylinder Multijet Diesel engine based on 1.3 l multijet of swift,Punto,etc. by Fiat, Claiming 26-29 kmpl for Indian conditions.

And the Chevrolet highly focussed on its interiors too to make it feet spacious & comfortable.

Search Chevrolet Beat post here in this forum for its images.

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Hi doc so Chevy Beat gets 1.2 l, 85 hp engine are you sure, then it will surely be a big it and will directly compete with Ritz by all means, hope Chevrolet makes the interiors better than Maruti.




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BornFree2009-11-30 17:55:51

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Read this report on Economic times. 

In order to hold on to its 50% share of the car market, Maruti Suzuki is developing a brand new small car. The new car, based on an

existing small car platform, is being developed by Indian engineers and will be showcased at the Auto Expo next month as a concept car. Speaking to ET , Maruti MD Shinzo Nakanishi said: "We are working on a new small car concept which we will showcase next month and depending on the reaction of the consumers we will put it to commercial production."

Although Maruti officials refused to give any further details of the project, people in the vendor circuit say the company is already working on two small car projects using existing platforms. The first is likely to be the next-generation WagonR and is reportedly codenamed YR9. It is being developed for likely launch next year. Both will use Suzuki

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i've just been on the official site of the auto expo, and the exhibition schedule is slightly confusing. please correct me if i am wrong, but people like me who are just going to visit, can enter only on 7th, 8th and 11th, after 3 pm. and the rest of the days are for trade and special invites only.

also are the forum members planning to meet during the expo?

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Ford's first small car for the Indian market, the Figo is based on the

same platform as the existing Fiesta saloon and Fusion hatch. It will

come powered by a 1.2-litre petrol engine and 1.4-litre Duratorq engine.


Nissan has mostly kept mum about the Micra, revealing very few details.

What we do know is that Micra will come powered by a 1.2-litre petrol

engine and a 1.5-litre diesel engine, derived from the Renault Logan.

Expect prices to start at Rs 4 lakh.


GM's third small car in India, the Beat, will come powered by two

engines - a 1.0-litre and 1.2-litre petrol engine. GM doesn't have a

small capacity diesel engine just yet, but are working on developing



The Polo's trump card will be its aggressive pricing, beginning around

Rs 4.5lakh. The Polo will come powered by two engines - a petrol and



The world's largest selling hybrid will go on sale before the Expo.

What will be made available is the 1.8-litre petrol engined version,

mated to a battery pack. Toyota claims that its CO2 emissions are 43

per cent lower, while being about 20-30 per cent more fuel-efficient

than a similar petrol-powered car. Pricey though, at Rs 28-30lakh.


Tata's first MPV. A derivative of the 2.2-litre common-rail diesel

engine found on the Safari will power it. The Indicruz will be loaded

with features, which might include airbags, ABS, cruise control and

automatic climate control.


Powered by a slightly more powerful version of its 2.4-litre engine

found on the Grand Vitara, it will be mated to a CVT gearbox with paddle-shifters. Maruti might use the Auto Expo as an occasion to gauge

people's response towards the product and accordingly decide pricing,

which we feel might be in the region of Rs 14-16 lakh


Hyundai's third assault on the Indian SUV market. The stylish five and

seven-seater Santa Fe will be powered by a new generation 2.2-litre R

diesel engine. While this engine produced 194 bhp in Europe, we expect

the power rating to be slightly re-tuned.


The new F10 model signals a return to basics with more subtle design

elements. While it does become marginally bigger on the inside as well,

expect more features too. Engines will range from the usual four and

six-cylinder petrols and diesels to the twin-turbo V8 petrol.


This smaller-than-the-XC90 crossover will take on the likes of the Audi

Q5 and BMW X3 with its range of four and five-cylinder engines. The

XC60's five seater layout and modern styling cues should attract a lot

more buyers to Volvo's showrooms, especially its price tag that should

slip in just below Rs 30 lakh.

source BS Motoring

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@Anand, from your list, the Ford and Volvo are not taking part in 2010 Auto expo. So no Figo or XC60 will be there for display.

@Most_reactive, well thats bad new coz i am returning on 7th back and have booked tickets considering that i will visit the expo on 5th and 6th. Is that true.

@FRG, Cyrus any details on this?

And heard that Swine flu is spreading like anything in Delhi, if thats the case i might cancel my trip.

EDIT - Just saw the site, there is an option of Visitors registration. Do we need to register really or it can be done there itself.bluesapphire2009-12-11 05:37:53

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No Toyota Yaris is not Concept cars, there are available in global markets and 2010 Yaris is just a face lift of that and India may get the current Yaris or the face lifted model, but they are will not be launched at Auto Expo, may be showcased and will be available for us in mid 2010.

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