Harleys in India: A look at the mean machines

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Motorbike giant Harley Davidson has

launched bikes in India and marked its presence with a 'Boot Camp' in Mumbai on

November 13, offering free test rides.

Sportster, Dyna,

Softail, VRSC or the V-Rod, Touring and the CVO are the models that

will roll into country in early 2010. We got a sneak peek of the mean

machines and needless to say, like most biking enthusiasts, we too were


Just in case you were wondering why the Harley never

really made it to India before, it was all thanks to the government

that had rejected the company's proposal saying India lacked prescribed

emission norms for motorcycles with an engine capacity more than 500cc.

Funnily, importing bikes such as the 1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa is permitted.

Either way, Harley is finally here. And

everyone's excited. Marc Billimoria who could hardly contain his

exhilaration told us after the ride that it was like 'having the power

of two Maruti 800s between my legs'.

Anoop Prakash, the

marketing director of Harley Davidson in India, said that all the

models have been tested for Indian road conditions and that they

planned to bring in the motorcycles in five India cities in -- Mumbai,

Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chandigarh.

We are also told

that all the bikes have special features that make them unique -- from

each other as well as from other bikes on Indian roads.

The V-Rod family can be enhanced with HEX

Chrome and black chrome, which is said to never erode. It has a huge

liquid cooled 1250cc revolution engine. These bikes are more often

known as the power cruiser. The revolution engine delivers 9,000 rpm

and pushes put up to 125 horse power.

John McEnaney, who was

representing Harley Davidson, cheekily said, "This bike is not for the

shy and definitely not bank robbers. Because if you rob a bank people

will know which way you went. People will want to talk to you when you

get off this baby and they will expect you to talk to them."

The Sportster is racing-inspired and boasts of

innovative technology like vibration-isolated fuel injected evolution

engines with high-performance carbon fibre belts and more. This is more

toward the bobber style as many might want to cut weight from the bike

to increase its speed. Most of the parts are cut down and modified to

high performance and stability while riding.

The company also

offers you something called a 'Chrome Consultant' who caters to your

needs. You can bobby your bikes with less or more chrome as you desire

and add flames or radical paints.

The consultant will help you with the 5,000

different accessories including wind-shields, visors, farings and

tourists cases or boxes, cigarette lighters, CD players, MP3 players,

removable luggage, controls for the pillion, helmet headsets through

which you can talk to your partner while enjoying the Harley bike


Billimoria who is a banker and an avid biker confessed, "I own super

bikes and sports bikes but nothing compared to a Harley Davidson. I

don't feel like riding any of those after sitting on this baby."








McEnaney took the opportunity to clear the misconception that a Harleys are heavy and difficult to handle bikes."You don't need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to ride a Harley Davidson," he said.


course the pleasure and pride associated with a Harley comes at a

price. And though the company is currently tight lipped about what

these beasts cost, we are told that they could be anywhere between Rs 4  lakh and Rs 14 lakh (or more).

The 883 Sportster for instance costs about Rs

3.2 lakh -- that is if you don't count the custom duty charges levied

on it and the other miscellaneous expenses.

So is it worth

going in for such an expensive two-wheeler? As a biker points out:

there are only two kinds of people in this world -- those who've ridden

a Harley and those who haven't.

Source Rediffnews

Yours Truly

Marvellous! Those huge Harleys. Remember reading about the US pop group The Grateful Dead which had very avid and devoted fans (fans were known as Deadheads) who used to drive across the US of A  for thousands of kms to see their rock concerts.And many of them were Harley Davidson freaks who used to ride these bikes for thousands of kms and congregate for the concerts.Ever since Jerry Garcia their icon lead guitarist and vocalist passed away in 1995 things were never the same,

anjan_c20072009-11-21 14:19:20

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Harley Davidson India had a boot camp in mumbai on 22 Nov 2009. In this camp we are able to witness the legendary harley's touch it feel it etc etc. for all aci friends here are some pictures.










Sandy2009-11-26 10:37:09

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Harley to assemble bikes in India

Having failed to achieve the relief of import tax from the Indian

government, Harley has now started to grease its move of assembling

bikes locally. The bikes will be made in the US and dismantled to be

imported to India as CKD kits. These kits will be assembled again in

India. The bikes in this form may be rolled down in April this year if

everything goes off well including dealer network.

There may be 12 models through 5 dealers across the country, said the


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