Subwoofer for Scorpio mhawk 8 seater

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Please suggest a subwoofer and an amplifier to go with it (or a bass tube) which can be fitted in my Scorpio mhawk vlx 8 seater.Also please suggest where I can fit. Am not a hardcore audiophile so a decent sub will suffice for my purpose.

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For value for money and decent sub get a Pioneer/JBL sub and Pioneer/JBL amp combo. Pioneer would be cheaper if you buy it from the gray market.

Depending on the space available you can buy a 10" or a 12" sub.

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^^ Why get a 4 channel amp for running the sub unless its a DVC sub ?

A 2 channel amplifier will power the sub nicely.

A fiberglass box molded to fit under the seat will not take up any additional space but will be costly (4-5K for making the custom box alone) and will take time.

If you can sacrifice some space in the rear then get a bass tube or a sub + regular box. It can be removed within 5 minutes when you need to reclaim the space.

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