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This question i had in my mind and wanted to know


Whenever  i have gone to ask for buying car speakers - the first name in the dealers comes is JBL and they insist that this is the best u can get in market


my question is there are so many brands in speakers - pioneer,polk,infinity what is it that JBL stands best among the rest


what uniqueness JBL speakers have which no one speakers have

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Do JBL speakers go well with JVC HU?

The accessories guy says JBL and JVC don't gell well' date=' he instead insists on JVC HU+Pioneer speakers


Today stuff is highly modular and by and large you can (and should) mix-n-match. As for speakers just make sure that if they are 2-Ohm then the Amp can take them. Also, do not put speakers of too high a rating on a much lower rating Amp - risk (now think if it) you may blow the tweeters/midrange!

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What is the difference betwen a componet and coaxial spkr ? is it required to put only a component spkr at the front ?

Plz. help.

i have put 190W SONY spkrs on all the doors of my Ritz with a SONY HU, but the sound isn't so good.



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