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Indica Turbo Vibrations

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I drive an Indica turbo. I feel a clattering vibration through the accelerator pedal between 1500 - 1800 RPM levels. Once I cross this rpm range, then there is no clatter.

Between 2000 - 2200 RPM levels mainly on the 5th gear, i feel that the whole car shakes. Co passengers can feel the vibration through the floor. Again at further higher RPM levels, this symptom does not exist.

Can anyone throw light on what could be the problem. I gave the car for service at BOSCH and even they could not understand these symptoms.

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These type of things usually happens at this rpm range in each Indica turbo or even in most of the cars but only upto a limited/acceptable extent.

But in your case check your car's engine mounts,a faulty mount may be its culprit behind it.

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