All new Honda City inst. panel

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The user manual of ANHC on pg.74 mentions the foll:

1)Inst panel will illuminate when driver door is opened.

2)Illumination goes off after 30 sec if key not inserted.

3)Illumination goes of after 10 sec if key inserted but not turned to ON position(II)

4)Inst panel illumination dims when parklight or headlight is turned ON.

5)The above dimming of inst panel can be cancelled by turning the "Select/reset knob" to the right until a beep is heard.

In my ANHC, only point no.4) is functional. The rest are not present. Kindly reply if anyone has noticed the above features.


PS.For windshield washer, what is to be used?- Windshield washer fluid or plain water?

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Well the the last question I use filtered water and add a bit of body wash and put it in the washer . It works fantastic.

Even in my i20 the dimming on turning lights on is a feature.

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Hey I checked up this with Honda people. They say that this manual has been prepared for International standard, like its common for City (Indian,Thailand,etc), so that guy said this is for other ones. Then I reverted back by saying and showing him that whichever things are not common to all are reported as --> FOR SOME TYPES in the manual whereas it was not so in this case. That guy said he'll check it up with higher authorities and report me back...

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