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Hi guys, from long time i was planning to create this thread, but somehow it was postponed but finally i am creating one. Well here i am talking about the pictures snapped by we members of anything other than Automobiles like Nature, Landscapes, Monuments, Pics from your past trips or anything you find interesting but please post only if they are snapped by you and not from internet websites. I just love the 'Blues & Greens' of nature like mountains, water, sky, etc and thus i am posting some pics snapped by me. The following pics are from South Africa when i visited the beautiful country in November 2008. Most of the pics are of Capetown and i just loved the city for its nature, the Blue water, Green mountains and cleanliness was just awesome. From the cities i have visited so far, i found Capetown best.

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bluesapphire2009-12-11 10:27:42
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Well when we went there i.e in November mid in the year 2008, the weather was moderate, sometimes it was rainy while sometimes it cool or even chill but that was in Capetown and Garden Route(Knysna, oudtshoorn) but in Suncity and Johannesburg it was hot and AC was needed. As thats completely different area than Capetown, that part is more modern and less natural.

You will love Capetown, but overall South Africa is more like Australia(your profile says you live in perth), but its more beautiful and natural.

Dont miss the wild life safari and prefer Mabula Game Lodge, i was there for Game drives for 3nights and it was very good also its owned by liquor baron Dr. Vijay Mallya, when i came to know that(on the last day that is) i was even more excited.

For any more info, feel free to ask me, can get in more detail.

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Truly fabulous pictures' date=' but i wonder > few of them are to good to be perfect

Why not consider photography ? ah now i got - photoshop does a great job indeed.[/quote'] i am not getting what are you trying to say.


Nevermind, anyway the must have a amazing  holiday.. i maybe going in june for the world cupsmiley4.gif


Which car have you decided, If not laura, then go for jetta. ( i booked mine, will be getting on 4th jansmiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gif cant wait )
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Basically what he is saying that the pictures have been post processed on photoshop.

Yes i somewhat got it but wanted to confirm it from Power itself.

@Power, my pictures are not processed, these are natural pics snapped by me. No Photoshop Job here.

@DD, thanks.

And regarding car, well we can talk that on another thread relating to that topic like i have created one, click herebluesapphire2009-12-16 09:42:15

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Thanks BF.

Amazing pics. DD & BS' date=' I must be the biggest nature admirer, specially Wildlife. Keep it up post as many you can![/quote']Oh, then you might be having some good set of pictures. Post if you have them.

Hey can you edit my 1st post in which there are unnecessary fonts and gaps. Please make it fine, am sure you can.bluesapphire2009-12-16 11:09:01

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Posting some pix from my uni days in Cardiff...


Scottish Countryside


Ducks at Loch Lamond


Somewhere between Cardiff and London


Loch Lamond




Edinburgh Castle Parking


Sterling Castle Great Hall - Notice the roof has no beams or pillars as supports and its a massive hall!!


Torchwood Fountain - Cardiff Bay (notice the Millennium Center Under Construction in 2003)


Welsh Countryside


Relief of Lucknow - Outside Sterling Castle - it also has a mention of the boys of La Martiniere who protected the families during Indian raid of the Residency at Lucknow.

I have some more interesting pix but there are even more interesting people in them so cant post them here...esp. of the welsh countryside (which is simply breathtaking) and people (welsh women are said to be the most beautiful lot in the world!!) smiley4.gif

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