Pictures snapped by ACi'ans.

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This photo is 25 years old during my college days in PGI on our visit to Manali. I was 25 years then and guy with the faded jeans and monkey cap in the centre. Really soothing with the temperature's soaring.

Durango Dude2010-05-14 18:42:10

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I wonder what your kids think about this photosmiley36.gif. V nice pic.


I remember when I was in 12th, I asked my dad for a bike. He flat out refused to even listen to me and said anything but a bike.

So that very evening when I was sitting dejeted and sad in my room, mom comes over and shows me a pic of dad.. My dad in that pic is wearing black bell bottom pants, aa giant leather belt with a big mettle buckle in the middle saying R(For Rakesh) and a black tee and a black leather jacket. He is standing with one foot on his prized Yezdi, holding a cigarette in one hand and his sunnies in the other.


I made dad crazy after seeing that pic. Although I stil didnt get the bike, I did get to hear a lot of intersting stories about his biking days.

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@A Sethi: I just love this pic, as for my kid's they are probably tired of seeing this time and again.

@sb-alto: This was shot in a Carl Zeiss camera, my dad's, a real heavy ponderous one to operate, manual and no auto focus. It used to be real jugglery to load the film. I have mentally named this pic "5 man army" after the old english movie which came out during my school day's.

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@DD : Our first camera was a Minolta Film SLR. Even that was quite bulky as a camera. I will upload some pictures of that camera.

Uploading some snaps that I took today early in the morning from my balcony again.












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The Annual Brahmothsavams (known as Saalakatla Brahmothsavams), the much awaited religious 9-day festival is on at Tirumala.  Everyday, Sri Venkateswara, the lord of Seven Hills, shall be taken on two select vaahanams (one in the morning and one in the night, both starting at 9) on the four maadaa streets of Tirumala to give darsan to the 80,000+  devotees who throng the temple town.  All the events are telecast live on SVBC Channel. 

During the Garuda Seva, the most popular day of the festivities, there shall be around 3,00,000+ visitors.  Not witstanding rain and cold, people wait in the open stands, since 6 am for the 9 pm darsan on that day. 


I have covered all the events of the 9-day festival and placed over 4,200 photos at my exclusive photos website, which is dedicated to the Lord.

You may view/download them all from


As this year is having an Adhika Maasam, there shall be a second Brahmothsavams, known as Navarathri Brahmothsavams, next month.

This feature of having two Brahmothsavams in a year happens every third year. 


I pray to Sri Venkataachalapathi, our Kula Daivam and my Ishta Daivam, to shower HIS blessings on you all.


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