Pictures snapped by ACi'ans.

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@sb-alto, sorry for replying late.. that seems like a Jeep. Secondly that SS80 on huge wheels pic is awsome too.. I wuld say that guy does have some taste there. Coz the tyre profile is low, which actually saves it from looking totally bad.

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@AMG & DD;

Try to look closely to its front, it was having Toyota Qualis-facelift I grille fitted to it, which itself gave it a butchy appearance.

She was also wearing Toyota logo onto it. smiley36.gif

And that Pajero SFX-like White-Red Paint theme was simply awesome & it was well suited to it alongwith same shaded Seat covers.

dr_nishu2012-03-19 11:15:17

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The framing is excellent. But Pic is a bit noisy. Set ISO to 100 or below (80) for taking bright daylight pics. The grain will disappear and you will get rich clear snaps.

Here are some funny and some daily snaps.

HP apple collaboration


An alto trying hard to beat a BMW is terms of efficiency. And it really succeeds.




Black and red cars look good. Or do they ?


What do you do when the AC is cooling at 37deg and fan not working....



sb-alto2012-05-17 08:09:29

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