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I had been waiting to inform you guys regarding the incident of brake failure on my 13 months old CS and it was a zapping experience!?

I left Pune on a fine afternoon hitting the NH 4 towards Bangalore was rapidly nearing the Kandala ghat, was half a Km cresting the ghat to start decent when while braking for a mild turn realized .... NO BRAKES!! the pedal had gone ROCK SOLID!

I had just upshifted to overtake a car and hence was down to 40kmph was all which which saved me from hurtling down the deep side!!!

I gave way moved to the extreme left with what was left of the climb aideing my deaccelaration and swifly moving to the 1st gear and using my handbrake I can to a halt with my knees knocking against each other I got out examined the car opened the bonnet, checked the brake reservior, checked for obstructions to the pedal..... nothing ziltch!!!

I decided to crawl 40 kms to Satara, at 1820 Hrs on EEID saturday almost loosing hope of having a dealer open approached HEM motors.

the light was just fading and they fortunately were just closing for the day, I got hold of the manager and asked him to inspect the car, the mechanic a chit of a boy opened the bonnet and immediately discovered that the plastic T joint on the vaccum booster pipe had cleanly snapped off from the body.

The KBX manufactured brake booster it seems was available on few cars, looking at the emergeny of the situation, I had to travel further to Kholapur, I requested then to replace it from any other repair car or a total loss car, no luck, all were TVS make.

after waiting for 2 hours and a lot repairing of the T joint for GODS SAKE!!!! with Mseal and stickfast and of haggling with the dealer and my stubborn refusal to budge, since the car was under warranty after a lot of hemming and hawing they finally opened the store and got me a replacement.

A thing which should have taken 25 minutes took 2 hours, TATA MOTORS please note, it was a warranty issue they just needed to take my signature on the warranty replacement, that's IT!!!

But I don't understand TATA's manufacturing process for such a occupant's life threating critical component how can they use a plastic peice of crap.

I have photos of this critical component will post it.

I am still getting goose bumps and can you believe it after the incident and while we were crawling to Satara my wife was applying nailpolish to her nails, such is her implicit trust in my car control...or is it wishful thinking???

anijog2009-12-11 12:19:40

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While such failures can happen at any moment on any car - it is always prudent to stomp on the brake pedal once (to check the brakes) before starting any descent down a hill.

You were lucky that you escaped unhurt.

That said, such failure on a one year old car isn't encouraging.

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