Fiat Palio stile 1.1 a flop show

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There was a complaint logged regarding a manufacturing issue of the body paint. The body panel surrounding the fuel intake turns whitish when water falls on it. The problem was reported with in 7 days of the purchase of the car. But it is now almost 7 months and no action is still taken to rectify it. Now the car is having one more mechanical failure i.e. the car looses its power of all a sudden, n start after 15 mins for a distance of 2 to 3 km and stops again. The mechanics and the works manager do not have any idea of the cause of the problem. they are experimenting with the car. once they cleaned the fuel tank, then the injection system now they are going to change the fuel pump. As there is no proper response in to this complaint I'm planning to take a legal action againt Fait India and the dealers Auto Industries Goa. BornFree2009-12-14 19:15:41

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You are learning the hard way, didn't you realize that before buying and didn't you take a test drive? Palio Stile 1.1 is highly underpowered for its girth and gathers pace rather leisurely, would suit a 70 year old grandma for her grocery run. Neither is it fuel efficient. What made you go for it in the first place?

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