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will BAJAJ XCD 125 be successfull..?

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bajaj has kept their promise...

it has all the features like alloy wheels. self start, digital display, etc..

and has good pick up and nimble handling.

and the best of all, it gives the milege of a 100cc motorcycle. ..!!!!!!! smiley20.gif

i feel this bike will be highly succesfull and eat into the premium 100cc bike segment

what do you say..?

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It does comes with some list of bells & whistles......but guys, stuff that I don't like

1) ordinary fuel tank cap

2) boring console

3) Tail light not to my taste

4) no gas charged Shock?? 


ok, now lets don't throw a protective blanket and say that its meant to eat the 100cc segments. But, on the contrary, its a 125cc bike and its direct (newly launched) competitor is the 125cc TVS Flame. Feature wise, the TVS Flame beats the Bajaj hands down, except maybe for the claimed 108 kmpl for the XCD.


other than that, i don think a good reason why anyone should go for the XCD. As rssh noted, its also a bit pricy.

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has volume sales started for this? until now i have seen this only once in Bangalore. But it has cool Features...

yeah.... i think the volume sales started... i've seen quite a few here in hyd.... it looks good and i think it's gonna do great... i like the advertisement too

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