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For 1.6 fiesta petrol you can try synthetic or semi-synthetics. Castrol Magnatec is a very popular semi-synthetic. Castrol Edge is the full synthetic one. Grades like 10w40 or 15w40 should be good for semi synths, whereas full synthetics can be 5w30 or 0w40 etc. Check the owners manual for the best one.

Other very good brands include Shell, Mobil 1, Motul and Total.

Shell Helix HX5 or Shell Helix Ultra --From Shell

Mobil1 5w40-- from mobil

total quartz 7000 10w40-- from total

If you have been using mineral oils, using a engine oil flush is a good idea. Also make sure every drop of old oil is drained. OWS has good engine oil flushes

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Around 450kms Update with Shell Helix HX-3 20W-50.

-Bike is performing well.

-Engine is as usual Running Smooth & all Revs & gets almost barely audible at Speeds on Open Roads.

-Cold Starts are better & Silent now, even with decreasing Ambient temprature in our region.


As per shell website Helix HX 3 is SG-CD grade oil (far behind from SM) and also it is not JASO MA/Ma2 certified i.e. not suitable for wet clutch bikes.

If it is SG' date=' it should be obsolete by now. SJ/SL and SM are current grades I guess. 

I would prefer a Motul over other oils for bikes.


Its the Only 20W-50 Grade Oil in Shell Engine Oil range & Company claims that its suitable for 'Petrol engines fitted with Conventional Carburettors'.


Next turn will be of Valvoline 20W-50 Full Synthetic. 

dr_nishu2010-11-11 19:03:36

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In some other places I read that viscosity should not be changed. Is this true? Like using 10w40 then we can only shift to 15w40 or 20w40 or even 5w40 but not 15w50 or 20w50.

Plus any information on Total Quartz 7000 ? Is this better than Magnatec ? I will be shifting to semi synthetic for the first time. So I would also need a flush. Which is the best manufacturer of engine oil flush ? I heard of OWS but not sure.

Have a budget of Rs 1000-Rs 1200 for the oil

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With 2 wheeler you also have to look at the brake compatibility. There are dry and wet clutch types.

On 4-wheelers one reason why SG is still listed is that many 'sarkari' MOCs still are selling that. I personally will look at SL or SM only. Some modern engines are happy with SAE30. Just check, some manuals are now 'global' and may seem to allow SAE20. I have my doubts here.

One has to accept that Honda engines are pretty high tech and while in the US they are happy with specifying SAE20 in India they are not!

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Finally time has arrived for my Pulsar 180's Next Service, since it has clocked ~2000kms in tough trafficky conditions after its previous service & hottest summer season is also due soon.

So guys again advice me the Engine Oil(grade 20W-50) for this time,

I've shortlisted the following ones:

-Castrol GTX 20W-50.

-Mobil 20W-50.

I've previously used the Castrol GTX 2-3 times & satisfied with it but i'm keen on using Mobil this time.

How are they ?? which one is really better Castrol or Mobil.


Previous report: Previously used Shell Helix engine oil for ~2000kms is very dirty now, almost brownish-grey in colour. Engine is also sounding somewhat gruff & noisy now. 

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Finally got my bike serviced yesterday.

Engine Oil used is now BAJAJ-specified & supplied

'PENNZOIL 20W-50 for DTS-i engines of Pulsar 180,200 & 220' costing Rs.310 only.

Afterthat driven bike for around 50kms by now & change noticed are:

-Very much Silent & smooth engine.

-Unwanted knocking & harsh sounds are gone now.

Also opted for AMC for 5-services at the same time.

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BASC service advisor said that its API or else grading doesn't matches with that of the specified one. So not suitable for engines with Integrated clutches i.e in bike engines.

But since you own a HH Passion & IMO it runs on 20W-40 engine oil, then try to use Castrol Power1 engine oil.

Its unmatched by any other engine oil in the country today.

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On 1/13/2010 at 9:03 PM, Anand Sivaraj said:

Guys which is a better Engine oil for Yamaha Gladiator.

First of all choose 20W-40 4T engine oil for 1 litre bike engine. Now coming to which to select then go for brands like YAMALUBE SL 20W40, Castrol Power, Motul 1, Divyol by Gandhar, Veedol engine oil all this will surely keep your engine strong without any heating issues.

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