linea underpower, turbo lab removed

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Folks...i wanted to add a line for all those who have been complaning about the pick and poor drivability on the linea.

I had my car remapped, rather factory programmed from Kiirus in mumbai. Just had to send my ecu  in and it all worked out well. The guys in fiat dont know what they are saying when you ask them about pick up.


I didnt need to change any parts or even add....just programming and i have 11k on clock since i had it done. All going well and the fiat folks didnt figure out anything at the dealership, so that keeps my warranty safe.. Totally worth it for the programming I paid and added extra 20 bhp on wheels without hurting mileage.....

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Your post is pretty difficult to understand so next time please try to post in a way that we understand everything! Your threads name is also incorrect.

How much did you pay for the ECU remap? Is yours a diesel Linea? The extra 20 bhp you claim, is it measured?

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Difficult to understand your thread and what you arer trying to say. If you can brief us on what exactly you have done, it will be helpful for other lineans.



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BornFree2009-12-28 13:47:19

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