Require Help for K&N Filter: Pulsar 220 F

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First of all Happy New Year to all the members. smiley1.gif

I own a Pulsar 220 Fi, which has done 13000 kms. I would like to replace the stock air filter with K&N.

I have checked the RC1060 and R1100.

I need your valubale advice regarding which one should I go for get the maximum power from my bike.

Also do I need to adjust the CO level after the fitting the K&N.

What should be the CO level? Should I go for the company rated level, i.e., 2.5 without CAT CON.


Suvadeep Paul.

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R1100 is the correct filter for 220 i guess. You need to do up-jetting as well. Get in touch with a good tuner for that. But getting a k&n means putting more dust inside the engine. Engine will take in more dust and oil will be subject to sludge early. So get ready to take some pain along with performance.

EDIT : If  it is a 220Fi then you will not need jetting. And pulsar220 with k&n causes lot of trouble. So not advisable. Too many complaints with 220's k&n. so better change to a new stock or clean it frequently to get better results.

sb-alto2010-01-07 09:58:08

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