Cars that'll boom if launch'd in India

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Chevrolet has been selling these in latin markets. It can bring it here. Insignia would be a good option versus the Accords and the Superbs.

Also, Corsa is still selling very good in Europe.

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To see the Panda and other sweet looking Italian beauties Fiat has to work really hard on its after sales service and its distributor / service network. Same goes for Renault as well. It has to establish itself in India.

However matured the car market has evolved in India, its still driven by price. So, most of the international cars that we get in India are always stripped down of most of its futuristic (well, atleast for India) features.Would really like to see how Renault fairs in the Indian Market. The Autocar issue had the Renault Fluence test drive and had said that the GPS nav sys wont make it to India as well the low profile tires. Plastic quality too would be a bit compromised cuz of localisation. Polo too was a disappointment with so many features stripped off from its EU counterpart. Snazzy looking smoked headlights , GPS system. Even the tail lamps and the interior plastic have been localised contributing to a degraded looking Polo. Its other products Jetta, Passat are a totally different world when compared to the Polo as for the fit and finish.

As for Opel, GM shd have put in enough efforts then (e.g. the 3 yrs zero maintenance contract for Chev.) and worked on its pricing and had it made enough investments then, we would have had cars like the Insignia, Zafira plying on our roads.

Hope out car market picks up to the international standards and we get to see and drive all these cars.

Happy driving smiley1.gif

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