My 2007 Honda Civic 1.8 S MT (bought used)

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I have been wanting to write this for quite a long time but various reasons have delayed this. Anyway, as a few of you may be aware that I was looking to buy a used car with a budget of around 7 lakhs for myself back in June last year and I had created a thread too where few of us had discussed the options. I have just updated that thread with all the cars I test drove. Finally I decided the car which I am driving now, offered a final price of 7.5 lakhs, which was accepted. So, the transfer documents were all prepared the next day which is 3/7/09 and on the 4th morning I transfered the funds to their account, got the payment receipt confirmed from them and took delivery of the car in the evening at 5pm.

Here are some details of my car:

Honda Civic 1.8S MT

Galaxy Grey

Registered - February 2007


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Thanks very much guys but have a little bit of patience to see how the car looks like now smiley1.gif. Don't want to sound arrogant about my car but would like to take you through what I have done to it in stages!

@ Designersf: There are scratches and a small dent on the car but luckily its not visible in the photo's but unfortunately they are visible to my eyes.

Okay, after I bought the car, here are a list of things I wanted to do to/change in it:

1) Sun film

2) High flow Air filter

3) Projector headlamp's

4) Xenon headlight's

5) Engraved number plate

6) Air horn

7) Alloy wheels

8) Tyres

9) ECU piggyback or remap

10) Last but not the least my big stereo

I decided to do all this one by one as I was short on time and did not want to spend all the money in one go. Plus I had a two week overseas trip already planned a week after I bought the car.

After my return from abroad, the first thing I did was to send the car to Honda for checking the clutch as the car was difficult to drive in bumper to bumper traffic and for a general check up. To my surprise I found that the clutch was already replaced at 29000kms for this car! Anyway, the master cylinder for the clutch had given up so got that replaced for around 6,000.

Oh I forgot the first thing I did was remove the PU seat covers by myself the next day after I got the car. The OE seats looked far better and were more comforatble. The downside was that the passenger seat in the front had big food stains on them but I told myself not to worry as my regular car interior cleaners would remove them in a jiffy! So the next Sunday I got them home and got the entire interiors vacumed, shampooed and cleaned.

5u3zEr02010-01-19 12:46:07

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Congratulations SubZero for the new ownership of the Honda Civic.Looks like a clean car and 33000 odd is nothing.

But was a bit surprised that the resale value of the model has dipped to Rs 7.5L after just two plus years of use. 

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Thanks Anjan. The on road price of the car came to around 12 lakhs so the owner lost about 4.5 lakhs in 2years and 4 months! One of the reasons I avoid buying a new car.

Cyrus, Dtandon, Archit: Hold on for a few days for the complete car as it is now.

So for the sunfilm, I enquired about Vkool but when I heard its ridiculous price, I just dropped it. They quoted 13,000 for the Civic without the windsheild. Anyway I decided to stick to Llumar as I have already used and it works brilliantly. Chose Steel 20, paid around 5000 for it and it comes with a 5 year warranty. Also got the engraved number plate made for the car. Here are the snaps of the car with sunfilm and after a wash.



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@ Kinshuk: Thanks very much. Yup the food stain went after the shampoo and cleaning. Will be posting the interior snaps soon.

@ DD: Thanks dude. I guess I get lucky with cars and get them at a good price. The car was involved in a an accident at the rear and I think thats when the "ic" Civic fell down. Anyway I got it completely pulled out a few months back and then just got the "Civic" emblem two weeks back, when I got the 40,000 kms service done.

@ Sarabjeet : Thanks very much and thats the first time I hearing that "Subzerodised" NICE smiley1.gif!

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Hey FRG, hold on just a few more days smiley1.gif for the complete car as it is now.

So before leaving to South Africa, I had decided that I would buy projector headlamps or if I don't get them, then buy something else for my car from Dubai on my way back. Subsequently when I went shopping for my car in Dubai, I found two types of headlamps for the Civic, one was the usual one with the two circular rings like in the Beemers and the other one was a new one with the running lights design of the Audi and one circular ring around the low beam. So I got the latter and am enjoying the attention it gets on the roads from the time I got them installed in mid August.

Here are the snaps with the projectors on the car:





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@ FRG : Yeah I have got the photo's with the lights lit up and will post them as soon as possible.

@ Kinshuk : Nope, no problems with customs at all. The normal duty for something like this will be 30% to 40% but I don't think you need to worry at all if you are bringing it with you. You may have to worry about excess weight though. I just saw a Corolla with aftermarket projector headlamps on Saturday.

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Killer looks Subzero. Awesomesmiley1.gif. Try to get another Angel eye cfl ring for the other reflector as well. Two will make wonders. Someway i am in love with these so called "angel eye rings"

IIRC' date=' once SG sir said, in India, HIDs can be used for low beam & high beam has to be non HID.


Is this applicable in this light setting Subzero?

@CB : Sir was right. HIDs/Xenons which are fitted in single reflectors cars generally do not have motorized filament. So only one focused beam is produced(though there are exceptions now). But in case of cars like Civics or Palio there are two different lamps H1 and H7 in two different reflectors. One for High beam one for Low beam. Two HID/Xenon bulbs can be fitted in each reflector and they perform in the same way as normal headlamps producing H/L beam. But problem remains with cars using H4 lamps.

Recently i got my headlamps replaced(with the spare one) from a reputed shop and saw a Tata Indigo getting a set of HIDs (P8 brand) there. Both high and low beam was functional. Asked the shop owner and got this information.

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