Skoda to Reposition- Fabia(3.7-4.5L)&Octy(7.6-10L)

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If Fabia had to survive, they have got to go this way ...

Recent launches of very many hatchbacks may have forced Scoda ...

All-new Beat, Cheaper Swift, Smart Punto, Discount offering Jazz .....

the available options are endless for a good quality hatchback seeker.

This new initiative adds Fabia to that very loooooooooong list.


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More than just the oncoming competition its an internal force/compulsion due to which they are slashing the prices of their Fabia & might be of the Octy,

Reason being the VW brand is more upmarked & is Premium than the Skoda & their cars are generally priced higher than the Skodas' & other allied brands Globally.

So in continuation of this stratergy & the India launch of their own Polo nearby(prices & car being available from 01-March-2010 onwards), they are reacting to the situation.

If they don't do this their 'Volkswagen' will suffer a Brand Image loss.....


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Skoda had to resort to this! They never cared a dime about the plummeting after sales service standards, consumers cried hoarse but all fell on deaf ears.


What's important for Skoda is to reaffirm the consumers faith in its brand. For a start, they can take a lesson or two from GM with their fantastic brand building exercise in the form of free maintenance packages & extended warranties.


On the ground, things are still not changing. I visited a local Skoda showroom to check out the Laura but the dealership attitude & handling of a prospective customer were poor.


Reducing prices might give them some sales initially but if we take into account a brief history of Indian car market, its evident that cutting prices seldom made a success. I must say, Skoda is again misreading the market, consumers were asking for improvement in after sales, spare prices, etc. but Skoda is taking diff. measures. Welcome but not spot on!

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@Siddhant - I agree. Good for new buyers but bad for existing ones. Its the fact of life and they have to live with it. I feel that the Octavia will not sell even after price reduction - There are a lot of good sedans for the same price but with lower maintenance costs. Good for Skoda though - The price cut on the Fabia takes them to the core of the competition

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There was an advertisement in today's Hindu, which show's Laura with 10/10 and mentions a celebratory offer for Rs.11.99 lakhs, which model is this? The person's going for VW/Skoda model's be forewarned and hold your horses till this downward revision settles down.

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Instead of cutting the price of Octavia, Skoda must stop selling this antique model in India. I think India is the only market where they still sell the old model and new model at the same time. That is really cheating the Indian customers by charging so much premium for the present international model of Octavia as Laura. Lowering the price of Laura is acceptable and it is fair business. Fabia is really deserving a price cut as their global strategy of keeping VW as superior to Skoda.


The attitude and ASS of Skoda dealers has to improve a lot. Their staff are just like government employees. Four years back I went to a Skoda dealer to have TD of Octavia for my father. They didnt have a TD vehicle and they told us to bring it to my home for TD. But they didnt. So we dropped the plan of buying a Skoda.
jimgeo2010-01-21 16:54:22

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So, if this is true, the 150 bhp 1.8 turbo petrol Octy will retail for some 7.6 lakh, would be a steal. That would be really undercutting even the SX 4/Verna/Fiesta/Linea, not to speak of the Honda City.

Just imagine, Skoda coming to this segment would really set the cat among the pigeon's.

Even the Laura will proportionately come down in price, say if the Laura L&K with the (old Passat) 2.0 TDI motor churning out some 140 bhp and 32.6 kgm cost's some 15 lakhs with DSG gearbox. And where would that leave, my sweetheart, Laura 1.8 TSI between 9-10 lakhs. That would be motoring nirvana. Keep dreamin'.

Durango Dude2010-01-21 17:06:09

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@ Jimgeo

IMHO, Octy still looks fresh, esp the Red & Black ones, it is and will be a very good car to buy in 8L region. It has got every thing going for it if it comes with better Af.SS.


If previous models are to be stopped in India, our leader would end up with around only 5 models to choose from. (sx4/swift/ritz/vitara/A*) can also include longer Swift.

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I also saw the advt in todays paper - Jagaran or TOI.

Given their reputation for shoddy service I will like them to come out with a 3 or 5 years comprehensive all inclusive package. Then at least the customer is covered for fleecing. Shoddy workmanship we will have to see.

Of course we have another problem here. If the dealer is the same as the infamous group in Lucknow often called 'Daku Motors' who were a MASS, then FIAT dealership, then they will be totally out.

sgiitk2010-01-22 04:08:21

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Here is some more Skoda News


Fabia sports and road versions on the cards


On the sidelines of inaugurating its boutique

showroom in Mumbai, Skoda Auto India also hinted that a new line-up

within the Fabia range which would include a sports variant as well as

"rough-road" version, tentatively known as 'Scout' was on the cards.

There is also a lot of buzz that the sports version would be Skoda Fabia

Sportline, will have newly-designed interiors and alloy wheels. The

company sold 16,000 cars in the Indian market in 2009 and is targeting

to cross the 20,000-mark in 2010, with Fabia accounting for a

significant chunk of the overall pie.

"We will launch multiple variants of the Skoda Fabia to leverage on its

popularity and consolidate our brand in the Indian market." Skoda's head

(sales and marketing) Thomas Kuehl told reporters in Kolkata.

In a bid to reinforce its sizeable presence in the D-segment cars sold

in the country, Skoda Auto India is also evaluating the possibility of

launching an upgraded version of its Octavia model in the next few

years. It has also been learnt that the refreshed model would be

finetuned to make it more India-specific. It is believed that the Indian

arm of the Czech automaker is considering building the car on a new

platform from its existing Chakan facility near Pune in Maharashtra in

the next quarters. However, at this juncture, the company has not

revealed any details like specifications, pricing and versions.

Skoda India is also venturing into the sports utility vehicle (SUV)

segment with the launch of its Yeti model in the second half of 2010,

expected to be priced around Rs 13-17 lakh. The Premium carmaker is

also quite upbeat on its boutique showrooms to increase brand awareness

and bring customers closer to the brand. Skoda has around 25 per cent

market share in the mid-size segment of cars in India and is pinning its

hopes on a stronger brand recall to add incremental market-share in the

next 3-5 years

Read more: Skoda

Fabia sports and road versions on the cards - WheelsUnplugged

Automobile Industry News

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

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I think Skoda has made a bad image of the Fabia which is good car .

Firstly they ponked an untested 1.2lt HTP petrol engine then called back for retuning a the stupid prices that it was launched at ,I think the competition is really great and I want to see the sales figure of Fabia , in next 2 year I think there will be more premium hatchbacks than the smaller ones and no one may buy the mid size sedans so Indian market is truly turning global.

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In the Above news, the Skoda is also saying that they are raising its localisation levels from 15 to 50%, a clear evidence of that they will be going to use their 1.2 HTP Petrol, which is now manufactured & shared with the VW Polo in India....

Is this engine is actually Skoda's or VW or developed by some other manufacturer ???


Do the Same localisation statement holds true for the Diesel Fabia too ??

As their current 1.4 TDi Pumpe Duse engine in Fabia is being Imported so similar to the Above Quote & upcoming BS-IV Emission Norms,

Do they use the same Imported one ?


Start manufacturing it here in India ?


Share the New Polo's BS-IV Compliant 1.2l TDi (Common-Rail Direct Injection) Engine ?? If Yes, The Result will be the- A Well-built, Good looking Diesel Fabia than Polo bit at few thousand cheaper rates.....


Also the new Fact/News in our Reigon is that the People have started running from the Skodas'(both new & 2nd Hand Ones) due to thier High Maintenance Costs, Poor Re-sale values.....

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Share the New Polo's BS-IV Compliant 1.2l TDi (Common-Rail Direct Injection) Engine ?? If Yes' date=' The Result will be the- A Well-built, Good looking Diesel Fabia than Polo bit at few thousand cheaper rates.....


Still Skoda carries a very bad brand reputition, so its an advantage to Polo.

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Skoda Back Footing


Skoda not to dilute luxury brand equity to favour Volkswagen


Volkswagen group company Skoda Auto will not be going in for a change of its positioning as a luxury car maker in India to favour its parent's brand.

Skoda, which is globally positioned a notch lower than Volkswagen (VW) but is perceived as more luxurious brand than its parent in India, said the latter will have to find its own positioning here.

"We are not in the mass segment and will not definitely look at it. We will not dilute our position," Skoda Auto India Senior GM Sales and Marketing Ashutosh Dixit told PTI.

While he declined to comment on the positioning of the Volkswagen brand, Dixit said Skoda will focus on consolidating its own positioning as a provider of value for quality.

"We offer a unique value proposition of quality to our customers, who can spend a bit more. We will consolidate this position. We co-exist with VW and there is no change in it. Every brand has to find its own position," he said.

In order to consolidate its positioning as a luxury brand in India, Skoda is embarking on a new concept of opening boutique outlets for retailing its products, which are different from normal dealership showrooms.


"These Skoda boutiques are in the high streets of metros, where usually no auto dealerships are found. We are offering a unique blend of lifestyle and contemporary ambience bringing the customer closer to the brand," he said.

Skoda plans to open 15 such boutiques this year as part of an overall network expansion strategy that will see the firm having 75 outlets by the year-end from the current 65.

The Skoda boutiques will also offer the company's merchandise and in future it will have genuine accessories shops as well, Dixit added.

Commenting on the company's sales prospects for the year, Dixit said Skoda is aiming to sell about 20,000 units, up from 15,000 units sold in 2009.

Skoda will be adding SUV Yeti to its product portfolio in India by the second half of the year.

"The homologation (making the vehicle roadworthy and comply with Indian norms) is ongoing for Yeti and we will be launching in in the second half of the year around the festive season," he said.

It will be powered by a 2 litre diesel engine and will be assembled at the company's Aurangabad plant, Dixit added.

Skoda currently sells four models in India -- Skoda Superb, Skoda Octavia, Skoda Laura and Skoda Fabia.

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