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As we are aware few of our fellow members have been included into a new group "Recognised Contributors". These members have been contributing a great deal to the forum & their efforts needed recognition.


Those who have been included into the new group in the 1st selection are:

Bluesapphire, Creativebala, rssh, sb-alto and asethi919.


The group shall expand slowly & gradually as more contributors are spotted by our esteemed Panel.


Congratulations from the team to members of the new group & best of luck.

Go on full throttle!


FuelRunGod2010-01-24 12:30:34
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Yes. The new tag is in recognition of your continued support for the Autocar Forum and the value your posts add to the ever growing knowledge of the members. Keep up the great work guys. More of you will be added to this elite group every now and then. So keep posting and congratulations!


PS: We've crossed 100,000 posts. Congratulations to everyone and a big thank you from the Support Team.


FuelRunGod2010-01-24 09:23:09
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