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Dear all,

As we are all aware Autocar forum is growing as a Community, a strong community. A whole lot of new members join in & are happily helped by the onboard members. Some of the members who have been very active & helping out fellow members & also contributing to the growth of the Community in their own way, have been selected to be a part of the "Recognised group".

The group includes: Rssh, Bluesapphire, Creativebala, Sb-alto, Asethi & librankur

New members shall be added to the group from time to time as our esteemed panel guides.

So fellows go on, introduce yourself to the World!

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Hello everyone,

I still remember that day when I was 6-7years old and my dad called in some local painters to remove the posters of the cars from my wall and repaint it or that scrap book with paper cuttings from newspapers having photos of cars. That was just the beginning. Today I am a student of Business Administration(bachelor) and I am proud to say that I have more auto magazines and wall posters than study/story books. An ACI reader for 5 years  and other mag reader as well. But to me its not just for personal pleasure or market survey. I read to learn and share and learn more.

I got a bicycle at first followed by a car( alto) and had my elder bro's Apache Rtr150 for a few years. Learned to drive when I was in class8 and drove a Matador ( car pool in school ) for the first time. Tried my hands on Tata 407s and a roadroller as well.

I love touring and at this age I have toured more that you could imagine, via roads rails and air. Except Kashmir and Gujarat most indian places has been covered. Photography is a part of my daily to-do list and a 2nd year in photography. Own a CanonEOS 450D with 18-55lens kit and frame the better ones with it. Got a Nikon P60 to do daily quick photography.

Born in Kolkata and seen the city grow up in steps. There was a time when spotting an Esteem/Cielo was luck and today it has grown up from the Amby platform to Audis/Bimmer and Vintages. Rallies and performance modifications grew up before my eyes. Still lot to catch up with South west and east.

Subhadeep Banerjee (sb-alto)

Now you know what sb-alto stands forsmiley1.gif

BornFree2010-01-24 10:09:39

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Hi guys! Thanks for including me here. The forum is an interesting place to be and you get to learn quite a bit here.


My name is Ankit and I am 23 years old. I am from Delhi and after finishing by BBA I started an IT Outsourcing business with my brother catering to clients based in Australia. I have been doing that for about two and half years now. Besides cars I am interested in sports especially cricket, F1, MMA and Golf. I am also quite keen on travel, tv/movies, food and alcohol.


Cars have always interested me and I started buying car magazines when i was still in school I think. I tried other magazines but pretty soon I realized that ACI was way above its competition. I buy the magazine every month but have not gone for a subscription even once because I get the itch to buy the magazine in the last week of every month i.e. as soon as they reach the book stores and find it very hard to resist.


Thanks for the recognition. I really appreciate it.
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Oh, I forgot to mention my car history. My first car was my dad's used Accent which I had for about a year and to this day remains my favourite car. This was followed by his Ford Endeavour for a few months that he decided not to keep for long(hardly a year) as it was a bit too big for him. After that he bought me a new Honda City(05) and a Corolla for himself which we are still using.


And now I will finally be buying myself a car with my own money soon. Obviously I will surely keep the forum updated. 
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Hello Guys

               My name is Sunny and am from the Diamond Capital of the country, Surat in Gujarat. Am 21 now and doing Chartered Accountancy & completed graduation in commerce. I also go with my father sometimes to handle our business. I always wanted to do automobile engineering but somehow joined commerce.

From my early childhood I was interested in automobiles, my father use to show me photos of cars and I used to cut them from newspapers and kept it safe. Also toys to me meant only & only cars and I use to take care of those a lot and even now I don

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Hey Guys

My name is Rohan I am 18+yrs old and am doing Btech in NIT Nagpur ,I had a liking for car since I was small and often a car parking was a best outing for me , I could guess the car name and model when I saw the car headlight at night (now there are many cars so I can't do it now).

I learn't driving by myself and drove my relatives alto in (2001) when it was launched and got a lot of hearing from my parents . I aped driving from the BEST bus drivers whenever I went or came from school I always used to sit behind the drivers seat and see him driving and this is the best I can recall .Once BEST came out with Automatic Transmission which really confused me as the drivers used to keep there left leg on the dashboard.

We bought a second hand zen in 01 and my father too likes zippy and fast cars  but he doesn't keep much knowledge on cars as I do , we also had a HH CD100 silver colour and this was the last batch of bike imported from Japan before HH started manufacturing in India.

My dream has always been to become another Sebastian Loeb but donnno were to start and in India we rarely have oppoutunities for such things .I am an avid reader of ACI since 06 and have all the magzine till now (I never let my parents throw them away to Raddiwalas) . Whenever I have doubt on my mind on any car I refer back the magzines.

I am not much intrested in bike though but know every bike to full detail and have ridden many bikes in India but feel its safe to be in a car in India's pot holed and skiddy roads . Many people recognise me as a car freak in the hostel as ACI is my home page and many family friends always consult me on which is a good car for them (its quiet fun to recommand) .

Though when it was time for me to upgrade it turned out to be really very difficult but I guess the i20 CRDi had to happen to me and I can say its a piece of mind and we are really happy.

I don't really know how to express but I am very happy to be considered as a Recognised Contributor in ACI forum , I always wanted to say something (express myself) in pre forum times and I monthly visited ACI site and then one day saw the Forum and that has changed my life.

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My dear ACIans,

                I am Bala, an MBA grad, now doing freelancing market research. I am a great fan of anything on wheels( also driven speed boat). Driving is my passion. Right from my school days, i used to dismantle my toy cars and assemble it. This carried to my cycle, bike & car. I have been a local mech in my School/ College days. In schools, i used to draw lots 'n lots of cars. My long term goal is to design a car and start a hotel.


This ACI has been a very good platform to grow my knowledge in Auto. Initially i used too buy Autocar & OD every month and once when i reached here,  I feel, i learn a lot more than all the magazines put together out in the market.

From then on, i tried to be on this forum as much as possible. I am very much Emotionally attached to this site. Especially when i was busy 'n couldn't visit this site for sometime, i was shocked to see our members response. My heart literally melt when i saw Rangnath starting a thread "Where bala gone".


My sincere thanks to all the ACIans who made me feel at home at ACI.


Apart from Auto, designs is my next destination. Trendir & Businesstoday follows Autocar. I drive a Passion & Spark. Shortly will add a Punto, if luck permits it could be a Safari.


I am extremely overjoyed on becoming Recognised Contributor.  Arigato gozaimasu( Thanks not ended in Japanese) to FRG, BF, Cyrus, DD, SG, Rangnath, Nishu, BS and other members who made me eligible for this honourable position.

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Welcome to the upgraded status. We hope you enjoy it.

Remember, this also puts additional onus on you help the not as knowledgeable members, and post responsibly. We would appreciate if you would desist from one liners, and make useful contributions to the forum.

We must remember that it is our forum, and we all have a responsibility to make it as meaningful and useful as possible.

Welcome once again.

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Its so heartening to see that all the members of Recognised group share the same passion for Autocar & have been showing interest in cars since childhood. Carry on fellows, may your interests blossom further.


So all in the group have formally introduced themselves. Its now time for a very warm welcome note & congratulations that follow. Keep up the good work folks.


This core group is an incentive for anyone who contributes to the community, our hearts are open & the keys to the group are in your own hands. Contribute & gain access.


Do remember that the responsibility to maintain quality & decorum is amplified manifold & this group shall be looked upto by many. So, guys stay firm on your resolve to serve the Community to the best of your potential.


Looking forward to some great interactions.

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Hearty congratulations to Sarvashri rssh, bluesapphire, creativebala, sb-alto & asethi for getting into the coveted Recognised Group. May your stars and love for cars increase by the day.We recognise you and acknowledge your contribution.

Must say that whenever I have been browsing through the ACI website, I have made it a point to go through as many of your posts  rssh, bluesapphire,creativebala, sbalto and asethi to learn more.

I must also compliment and say that the Mods have selected the very apt members as Recognised.

And one common thing you all share: you all are very young and in your 20's! Keep the good posts and threads coming!smiley1.gif

anjan_c20072010-01-25 09:50:26

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Thanks Speed!

As per Bornfree's request, here's my intro:

Im Kinshuk Mishra, 30 yrs old and am a 3rd generation lawyer.

Schooling from La Martiniere College, Lucknow; LLB & LLM (Commercial Laws) from Cardiff Law School, Cardiff University, UK.

Own a KPO - which operates out of Singapore- mainly involved with legal research and also Dionysus Beverages Pvt Ltd which is an import/export/distribution company dealing with alcoholic beverages.

Since childhood have been interested in cars - Fiats mostly - we had 2 Fiats and an Amby till the M800 came by in 1988 which saw the eldest Fiat being disposed off due to parking issues. Learnt to drive on the Fiat Delight (which I still have), learnt how to actually drive on a Gypsy (which we had for a very short time) this was in and around Nainital. Between 1999-2003 we also had an OHC which unluckily suffered a rear shunt and was disposed off after repairs.

First car I bought was a Rover 214Si bought for GBP500 and engine died in 6 months then I bought a Honda Accord for GBP3000 which I sold in 2004 before coming to India. Next was HNC in 2004 Dec and now Altis Oct/Nov 09.

I have driven across England, Wales and Scotland. Driven RHD car in LHD countries - France & Switzerland. Kinshuk2010-01-29 08:43:38

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