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Hello friends,

                  I am Pratik from Ahmedabad. Very new to this forum. It's glad to know that we have people in India with good knowledge in automobiles and taking interest to share their thoughts. I'd love to be an active member of site.


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I am happened to visit this thread today and my hearty thanks to all the Recognised Contributors,Special Licence holders and Super licence holders.

It has become a regular habit for me now that in a day I log in to ACI and forums 4 to 5 times whenever I want to take a break from my work and I always love to read your posts on every thread because I find them very informative.

As a Auto lover I read posts in lot of forums like T-BHP, Carwale,Gaadi,Mouthshut etc., but I always found that ACI got a quality content and very good updating of the topics and more things contributed by people like you.

Finally it is a good learning exercise for me and contribute a little with my day to day experience and en counters

Keep the good work going and I am happy to note such a good team of ACI !!

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@BonFre , PrancingHorse

It strikes you the most when you least expect it.Now that it is happened to me its just an amazing feeling .

It also makes me happy to know that I have people here on the board who found me worthy of this accolade.

Thank You

A more detailed write-up will be posted in some time.

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This is my first introduction on the board

I am a 34 year old male , essentially from Delhi but my roots are widespread in Punjab, The Login Name gives in a lot ,librankur , libra my sun sign and ankur my name .

Mine is a family of doctors and educationalist , its only me who transgressed and did my MCA , worked in OTHERS companies for a while , learnt the ART and then started many of my OWN later,different from what i was trained to do.

I buy commercial vehicles ( big and small) on regular basis for my businesses , all personal vehicles that i buy eventually turn getting used commercially

Every new vehicle at my place turns up becoming a test mule there is an unfulfilling urge amongst my driving staff to press every button on it , test its racing limits and what not , they all know these commercial vehicles have a relatively short life , wont be here for long so why not learn a few things while we can.Year back i had discovered that there is an unfound hesitation amongst my driving staff in driving an automatic , i have cultivated that fear and invested in an Scorpio automatic last year , this remains the only truly single handed vehicle that i own,even when i am not around town.Recently i have seen that fear also coming to its end.This prevents me from investing in a NICE CAR.Also my commercial vehicle obligation is so heavy that its cost-benefit tradeoff ,is always a hinderance in that thought.

I have brought all my work essentially online, this also is the easiest way to stay connected with my clients in those foreign lands , which keeps me online at different hours based on their time zones, thus am able to spend exceeding large amount of time online.

I read a lot as i am constantly travelling , pick a lot that i am able to post here from what i read but sometimes cannot post the exact source as so much has gone into me while reading throughout the day that its almost impossible to recollect where i read it .

My next cars related project is to setup a small used car outlet in the regions i operate in, alongside my other businesses, few sales that i have made and the constant inflow of queries from both sides and the profit margins are the propellers.

I have many vehicles but just three cars appeal the most to me as these I consider milestone cars in my life and will make every effort to preserve these for as long as possible.

First one a Zen (1998) that i was gifted by my dad after finishing school ,as the thought of me zipping across Delhi in a bike scared him.

An Esteem VXi(2006) that i bought CASHDOWN after saving enough from working for OTHERS.

A Scorpio HE 4*2 VLX Automatic (Airbags ) (2012) that i bought CASHDOWN for my father after saving enough from my OWNED business commitments and gauging what my drivers will leave alone untouched ,my father moved back to his chauffer driven Fortuner after pleasing me by driving it himself for a week and since then its my personal ride, just two weeks short of completing its first year.

Its the whole booking process of the Scorpio ,as I had personal interest in it ,that i came onto the board of Autocar and over the year based on the interactions that i made here was found worthy enough for this accolade. Though it is still shocking by all means.

These days busy with a new house renovations

Next on the agenda

-re-registration of my zen (June)

-insurance renewal Scorpio (June)

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